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  1. Discuss with your buyer about this. And wait buyer must give you instructions what they want. You should properly discuss everything that buyer wants.
  2. Your order will start after the buyer fulfills all requirements. You should wait.
  3. Sometimes there are less or no buyer requests. You can change your gig tags or category. Make different category gigs for more buyer requests.
  4. you have to work hard for your sake.keep working.
  5. Every month is not the same. keep up the good work. best of luck.
  6. Some buyers are really amazing. Though I never got tips like that. But yes I got tips from my regular buyer.
  7. You should not contact with your buyers outside fiverr. It can cause a break to fiverr rules.
  8. You should have only 1 account in an Ip. But sometimes fiverr allow if you have multiple account but the gig category are completely different
  9. Try to upload high resolution photo with large size
  10. You have different categories of gigs and some are really interesting. 😃
  11. Your profile looks good, i dont think its needed to remove gig.
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