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  1. Fiverr does not take sellers' side unless in a very seller-valid situation. If you contacted Fiverr and they said that they've nothing to do about it, probably you did misunderstand about the gig you ordered as a whole. Fiverr is very strict to the sellers thus usually refund buyers upon queries.
  2. Buyers usually don't leave negative reviews if they received a good service because at the end of the day, they do not gain anything leaving you a negative review. So it's more appropriate to learn from their reviews as one buyer said, It has to be a fact right? 🤔
  3. Ask the buyer to fill those information. When you do a custom offer, if you already received all the information to start the order (If you discussed everything in the chat with the buyer), while creating the custom offer, you can disable "Request for requirements" toggle in the popup so that it will skip the requirement questions and immediately start the order upon payment.
  4. I think those high ranges are more suitable for gigs which offer development of brand identity, like this gig. not just a delivery of a logo design.
  5. Seems like the sellers having no experience at all on the platform giving great tips for the community, LMAO. I'm so tired about these "tip" posts from new sellers who has no idea about what they are even posting and sad about the newbies who try following these null points.
  6. It is not helpful at all if the seller's other performance parameters are crap. The only benefit I see being online is you can get filtered in when a buyer search with online seller filter on. but that doesn't guarantee you sales in any means as I said if other standards are not met.
  7. If they delivered the JPG for final version, they already have the source files for that, what else do they need to work on? Again, you can create a support ticket and even get your moneyback if you wish to. because if they did state that they offer the source file, they must attach them in the delivery. otherwise it'll considered as a partial delivery (which is a terms of service violation for the seller), but I'm not exactly sure how its going to turn out in your case as you already accepted the delivery and even left a review. Keep in mind for next time, not to accept a delivery without you getting everything you need out of it. Seller can't say that they'll deliver the source files after you accepting the order and stuff like that. You have the total responsibility to review everything before accepting a delivery and to ask for revisions if the seller did deliver partially or wasn't met your expectations.
  8. Don't take this personally, but I hate when people post suggestions/tips for new sellers on the forum while the poster themselves being new sellers with zero reviews. It's like you teaching someone to swim while not knowing it yourself.
  9. Oh, this is when you try to create your first gig right, it's just asking for missing information on your profile. I think you can put something as the last name and remove it in the settings page. but please ask support before doing so cause we, forum users have no idea how that operates exactly.
  10. You can't undo your reviews, however you can have some resolution for your case from customer support. But the issue you're mentioning is not clear enough. For you to accept an order, the seller has to deliver the work. then only you'll be able to accept it and leave reviews. As you saw the logo, I'm pretty sure that the seller delivered files required, I think you missed the order page. If so, you can go back to the order page using orders link in the navigation bar and choose the order so you'll be able to download the delivery.
  11. As this is more of an exceptional case, you may put some character like dash or something (not sure if possible), I think it'll not be a problem in the verification cause you can always explain why you had to put it there. but since this is not an urgency, create a support ticket so they'll give you a better advice. but under the settings page you have only one field as full name like below, so I'm not sure on exactly which page you are in right now. 🤔
  12. I wouldn't care about it if the buyer is not doing anything crazy. If its flowing like a usual order, regardless of the buyer's intention I would complete it. They might steal your questions, approach, details etc., but no one can't steal your skill right, Its all about personal confidence IMO.
  13. How did you define that Fiverr benefit more from $5 orders? Their commission will be 20% from an order so as long as a gig sells for its highest value possible they'll gain more $ out of it. 🤷‍♂️ The customer will also not get any benefit out of it, because if you buy a gig for $5, and if the real value of that work is $30 or something, you'll probably get a crappy service out of it. So $5 option is there to do some quick/easy tasks. As initially Fiverr was introduced with only $5 option, I don't think anything wrong keeping it. Making $20 the minimum doesn't make any sense. how can you charge $20 for a task that takes maybe few minutes to complete?
  14. The buyer can't take refunds by themselves. If they need to get a refund, they'll need to create a dispute to cancel the order and you must accept it. That is the only way an order can be cancelled without involvement of the customer support. The order is cancelled without you being notified meaning that decision had taken by the customer support. So if you have any queries regarding the cancellation, reach out to customer support.
  15. Open a ticket in customer support and explain them that the buyer is not responsive and since you do not have enough information to complete the order you're unable to deliver it within the order timeframe, They'll help you to resolve the case. Maybe they'll cancel the order without affecting your stats.
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