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  1. Hello everyone. I am a professional web designer. I have proper experience about wordpress. This is my link. . I am already do everythings but I don’t get any job yet. I am regular and very active in fiverr. I am check buyer request everyday everytime, also doing my gigs marketing in everyday. But I don’t get any job yet. now what can I do?
  2. I am a professional web designer . I have proper exeperience about wordpress . If any buyer interested ,then inbox , this my account
  3. You’re welcome! My Fiverr Gigs Oh! Thanks a lot. 😊
  4. It’s all good, lesson learned. 🙂 MFG is the perfect place to advertise your gigs! Thank you very much. but MFG mean???
  5. I am extremly sorry for that. please don’t mind. I am new on fiverr.
  6. We all know that , Buyer request option is only one and best option for new sellers on fiverr. So I am do that regular but don’t get any order.I am very upset for that.Can anyone give me more sugestion for get order? I am web designer .I have proper experience about wordpress . if anyone interested to see my profile then click here.
  7. How about we all just send you some money? Seriously, your attitude is one that is not very motivated to follow the suggestions that have been made. Like @offlinehelpers said, we all started that way. Does starting that way suck? Yes. Is it necessary? Yes. Yes.beause there is no choice.
  8. I thnik that "Buyer request is not 100% good for new sellers."Beause I am a seller.I know that any buyer don’t give work to new sellers.if they do that, only for cheap rate.
  9. I joined the fiverr site one months ago,Actually Fiverr is the largest marketing place meet buyers an sellers.I am a web designer.
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