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  1. I just selected for Fiverr pro. As far as I know user name as same as Fiverr account, after that I want to confirm it, can i change Fiverr Pro user name.
  2. How to do to speed up a WordPress website?

    WordPress website speed optimization is an essential part of a site to improve performance. There are various methods that you can utilize to get the job done. Here is a list that the trick we can apply for make your WordPress site much faster.  

    1. Select a better web hosting service provider

    2. Choose a simple and lightweight WordPress theme

    3. Optimize image sizes

    4. Minify JS and CSS files

    5. Use advanced caching mechanisms with a caching plugin

    6. Integrate with a CDN

    7. Enable GZIP compression

    8. Cleanup WordPress database

    9. Deactivate or uninstall unnecessary plugins

    10. Keep external scripts to a minimum

    11. Disable pingbacks and trackbacks

    12. Use Image Lazy Load


    Website Speed Optimization for WordPress.png

  3. Find keyword related to your gig Create attractive title and description Create good looking thumbnail Attach some previous task screenshot Write FAQ what you buyer will ask Share on social media Try to active everyday on fiverr and fiverr forum
  4. Welcome to Fiverr and wish you all the best.
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