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  1. That’s a good idea.learning new skills helps reduce frustration.i try to do that in my free time.whenever i don’t do that i get frustrated:persevere:😣
  2. Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You.such a nice voice.
  3. hi, i wish you all the best.will you send me your fiverr gig link want to see your work.eventually his journey will get exciting 😉
  4. Hello Claudiu, how are you?I am bauanno from Bangladesh.also a new seller just like you.i am a history student so photo editing is really a new topic for me which is getting exciting day by day. Calisthenics seems really challenging to me but its good to see.how do you do that?will you share some pictures with us? just started my weight losing journey…🙂 wish you can give some advice? all the best with your fiverr journey.
  5. Hi paulorr, how are you.I am bauanno from Bangladesh.i am a photoshop editor.I wish you all the best with your **new journey in fiverr.**have a great day. bauanno
  6. hi, welcome in the fiverr community. may I know what is your name? can you give me your gig link?what do you do? I am bauanno from Bangladesh and I am a photoshop editor. I think you can check this amazing article in fiverr academic to increase your sell.i am reading them my self now.they are very helpful too. have a great day. bauanno
  7. Hi, Thanks for sharing ,I will try to follow your tips .
  8. I am bauanno. form Bangladesh. as a new seller, i am quite excited and nervous too.it’s fell like I am a new kid in this marketplace & I really need some kind advice & gideline to make my place here and prove that I belong.its a place where I have seen so many talented people which make me inspired to be more do more but at first I was quite nervous.can I really do it?I had self dought.but as the journey begins and day by day its become sweeter.with its ups and downs of course. but its good to found others like me.who is new too.ther work give me faith that what I need is to keep going.keep working to update my skills. thank you all for being here and inspiring me without even knowing that…<3 have a great day
  9. Hi, bianca, I am bauanno.welcome in fiverr.I am also a new seller like you.i have less selling experience. I hope soon you will get your order.best wishes for you. I also favorited your gigs.in future I want to work with flayer, posters like you.hope your work will inspire us all. have a great day.
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