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  1. Infact am really sad, this put my account balance negative and my order completion was dropped.
  2. Okay, i heared all you said, there should be a way where buyer should not be able to charge back once the project was approved. It’s really unfair.
  3. Hi guys, i have a bad day today, to the fact that am not happy at all. 2 buyers purchased my gig past 2 and 3 months back and both of them give me 5 star rating, all of a sudden yesterday, both of them come and request for refund and fiverr give them the money back without any notification to me or interrogation. I did a perfect job because both of them rate me 5 star, i don’t really understand what happened, after my all efforts i put on both projects, i don’t see my profit on this at all and i think some buyers are just coming to fiverr to scam sellers. I don’t think fiverr market place will last longer if they continue giving %100 supporting to buyers, what about we that get the projects done? Am confused and i may quit soon.
  4. yes, once you know you are not available for work, just de-active your gig or put on vacation mode, when available back then off it…simple as that.
  5. Hi @mujahid300, I check all your gigs, everything is accurate and looks good, my advice for you is keep sharing your gig link on social media platform and always make use of “Buyer Request” option, am sure in less than 2 weeks you will see orders. Also, don’t put a higher price when bidding for a project, buyers choose lower price sellers. I believe this really help?
  6. It favors those sellers who work extra hard at meeting all the requirements. That is what fiverr wants it to do. Fiverr really want full time sellers not half time sellers which will not available to respond buyers messages.
  7. i grab a lot from your words, i just wish all the upgrading by fiverr favor us as it can not favor all sellers.
  8. May be you have not withdraw from your fiverr account before
  9. A friend of mine have the same issue and he contact fiverr CS, the problem was solved less than 5 hours of time, i will advice you to tell CS about everything, it will solved in no much time, no one is hacking your account, lol.
  10. Yes, you can promote your gig at any forums, but don’t drive any bot traffic to your gig, it’s dangerous for account.
  11. I don’t think you have faces any type of this issue before, fiverr wil cancel order without telling you to accept or decline.
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