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  1. This proves that there is a limiter on your and my account. Shame fiverr for that.
  2. You are now turning the words. I meant that these are good indicators and 100 orders per month are good, but now I will lose it. And 2-3 reviews if this is the reason then it is too harsh. I did not wish you evil. And I wanted to say that no one is uninsured. I work at such speeds for a year and a half. There were recessions but not five times 🔥
  3. So what? Even top sellers have negative feedback. Simple arithmetic 100 orders 60 ratings 5 stars 4 - 4 stars 3 - negative 2-3 stars This is part of this market. I wish you several such clients would come to you.
  4. From looking at all your reviews you easily have at least 200 orders in the last month if I take into account the ones who didn’t leave a review. They are not “killing” you. I do not understand what you mean by this. If you are calm, then now all the indicators have fallen five times. Impressions, clicks.
  5. I do not ask for any guarantees. My gigs are not in the list.
  6. No, I would not support your petition. Fiverr is changing and does not need to restore its gig search system… Change is a good thing and you need to get with the program That’s right because you’re not full time. I bring fiverr tens of thousands of dollars. I do not deserve this. The new algorithm will simply destroy me because I am nowhere to be found. I sincerely wish you well. But when you yourself fall into such a situation, you will understand everything.
  7. it’s not the reason. I can not influence for heavy customers. you write again, you say good luck. I had situations when people wrote how negative it was but it not critical.
  8. All these orders came from regular customers. I prove the trust with my work. In 2018, half of the orders are custom orders. Of these, 25% are regular. Imressions / views and clicks dropped 3 - 4 times
  9. Today I looked at all the pages in the section - music promotion I was on every page and nowhere not my gigs. I can only find them when choosing level 2 last page At the same time, there is no list of my gigs in the list.
  10. Stop flooding! I noticed people who are trying to dilute this topic. And also urge to give up. If you have the same problem, write here. If you do not have such problems and you write something that it is useless, go Bye! I contacted several sellers. There is a problem. People lose orders. At the same time, all indicators are ideal. This is the pit from which the sellers can not get out.
  11. I still don `t know how to cope. But one thing I know for sure is that the we should unite and fight. I created this topic to collect all sellers who are now with such a problem. I think this is some kind of incorrect changes in the algorithm, which are not related to the indicators.
  12. tell, you managed to cope with the situation :? Sales recovered?
  13. I had one inadequate client who ordered 7 revisions (was there a slight delay due to this), what should I suffer now? That’s bullshit.
  14. I have several versions. 1 This is a system error. 2 Testing the new algorithm., Hard work - knocks you to the end of the list and not to the middle as before. 3 Perhaps a temporary manual exposure to give new sellers receive orders. 4. Complaints of users or competitors.
  15. I write. Cryptocurrency news sites mainly. I did experiment with trading but after losing everything, making everything back, losing everything again, and making everything back again. I had to stop for the sake of my sanity. Sadly, I’m no longer capable of working in any kind of capacity where I would have to deal with members of the public. Being trapped in a confined space like a car with someone would be a nightmare. I do have ambitions to revive my once marginally successful career as an author. However, I really need 36 hours in the average day as it is. Also, my writing is a little dark and controversial and you do have to be careful what you say these days… I support you. I noticed here one person who writes - "Fiverr does not guarantee you anything. When you are poured by a shitty client - Who is to blame? - it’s my fault. When there are no sales, it’s my fault again. To blame the sellers. This is complete nonsense! If you work full time and you are not guaranteed anything. Yes, then you have to bother with fiverr. They do not care about sellers. Each of you may be faced with a similar situation. What do you think I will be silent? I will talk about it! I will write an article I will tell about it in social networks. let everyone know. The fact that this site does not appreciate sellers. If earlier i think fiverr this is serious. Now I realized that this is a part-time job. Where you should not give your full time.
  16. There is some kind of bug associated with the display of reviews, which I periodically have seen lately. It is possible that there is some sort of a crash. This could be and the algorithm just did not see your feedback. Accordingly, the priority gig falls. Need to find error. I have the same problem, many reviews simply do not. Screenshots taken at one time.
  17. Such a problem with hundreds of sellers. Many who write here now - try to seem smart. The problem exists. There can be no such thing when you work full time, all the green indicators and throws you at the last pages for several months. It is necessary to unite and find out if this is a mistake.
  18. This is also a false statement ☝️ I’m on the forum every day and I haven’t seen “thousands”, I saw a couple of people. It’s only 100+ replies on that topic and mostly from the same people (including myself) If you read that thread you’ll see that majority of those people indeed had problems. First insisting that they are level 2 sellers etc and after that finding out that some of them actually had some orders cancelled or what ever else. And you also not taking into account other things that might affect your ranking like delivering your order before 12h warning and blind reviews from your buyers. And you don’t know if it’s really an error in algorythm or if it’s planned by fiverr. I’m sorry for all those people that I will quote right now from that thread. But it is just to show that everything might have a reason and when this “testing” new algorythm happening you’d better to be prepared to have another income to sabstitute this drop of sales on fiverr. Tell… you get paid? For writing here * Let people write their experience. and we will make sure who is right and who sold out …
  19. I go against the fact that thousands of the best sellers have fallen to the last position since January. I have been here for several years, I know well what and how. The algorithm has an error. This happens dramatically. And does not depend on your green line. And many jo still can not get out. I do not mind new sellers. But someday and some sellers will hit about it.
  20. Last time we were noticed. Because many wrote. There was an answer to this petition and after a few months the response to the feedback function was returned. Gigs search system - is problem. And it needs to be solved. It should not be so harsh and inadequate.
  21. If there is a drought for 2-3 months, this is critical for the majority of the family. I have been fighting for two years! Trying to become the best seller and what is the result? Fiverr PRO - failure Reviews - failure Algortim - failure Remember -VoiceOverPete It is generally a shame. Their support service is …
  22. I understand that this happened 2 months ago. The problem is that People sit for 2 months and nothing changes.
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