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  1. A video definitely helps! Even if it’s a still image with audio over it, it gives clients something to click on when they’re browsing various fiverr sellers.
  2. Cancellations should always be done as a very last resort. The lower your ratio of cancelled orders, by far the better, but unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to keep a 100% completion ratio because sometimes the buyer will place an order and then want to cancel an hour later. Which is why it’s very important to try to refrain from doing so as a seller, unless you MUST do it.
  3. I’m a level 2 seller myself, maybe close to TRS, maybe not. Only advice I can offer is to do what I’ve done; hustle hustle hustle! Even if you have a day job (I did until very recently), make sure you create the time to hustle your buns off on fiverr!
  4. Thanks all for the kind replies! Lookin’ forward now to taking my fiverr business to the next level!
  5. From one voiceover guy to another voiceover guy, here’s to hoping Fiverr treats you kindly!
  6. As many have said, it’s best not to expect a tip or feel entitled to a tip. Simply appreciate them when they happen, and give the buyer a thank you or let them know you appreciate it some other way! Some buyers are simply more prone to giving them than others.
  7. It just takes a lot of hustle and a lot of long days. But it’s worth it! Keep hustling~
  8. Like with a lot of people, my Fiverr selling experience got off to a slow start. An order here, an order there. Fast forward a month, a handful of regular clients sending me work. Fast forward another handful of months, I have 100 positive reviews from my small client base, and suddenly I’m getting several orders a day, several new clients a day! Once I got over 500 positive reviews, several orders a day turns into hours and hours of work a day, all while juggling a day job as well. Eventually, it began to feel like my day job was getting in the way of my Fiverr work! Last Friday I left my day job and now I am attempting Fiverr full-time! Thank you Fiverr for giving me this opportunity to change my lifestyle completely!
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