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  1. Today, I did the work for buyer on website. When I finish the project. he made the false allegation against me that I stole his domain. While I am professional web designer. Why I will do this? Any seller can help me? I am afraid of bad reviews if my project is done.
  2. Hi, Recently I got two orders. One of 130$ dollars but another is 30$ dollars. I say sorry to the customer for 30$ dollar cancel the project. but my order completetion rate decreased too much Now it’s about 84% Now I complete the order 130$ and 50$ dollars but my order completetion rate still 84% How I can improve it? If i will not do this more then 90% then my rate level will decreased any suggestion?
  3. Project is completed. Because I was busy in her realy project so I think it’s same notifications but after three days I see her two order towards me.
  4. Recently I sent the offer to the buyer. When buyer accpet the offer directly without inbox then I got two order means that I have a same job that i need to do but i got double charge means double money of the same job. I know I need to be greedy at this moment. but I think Honesty is the best policy. so, If any fiverr member here so contacts.I will also explain to that member. or if any member know how to i can refund extra money that is not in my agreement. Thanks
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