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  1. Try to diversify your service and open more gigs on new category.
  2. Keep improving English. Buyer gets the first impression from your language. Try to explain how you do the job and whole process of it. Explain why your work is better than the other sellers. Don't add unnecessary things , write to the point. Add your best portfolio link.
  3. thank you, but adding foreign language (when you dont know the language) for the sake of getting orders from a client of that language is not right thing to do. Add a language if you know it.
  4. Fiverr is the most secure and transparent marketplace as long as you are dealing inside fiverr. So there is no reason to be stressed if you are managing everything inside fiverr. Its safe for both seller and buyer to communicate inside to avoid scam.
  5. It seems you have communicated with the seller outside of fiverr. Otherwise level 2 seller with many orders cant have the courage to ask for payment outside. Its clearly TOS violation.
  6. explain how exactly you will do the job and link your best portfolio.
  7. Question is, what is the reason behind disabling your first fiverr account ?
  8. 1) avg. selling price. 2) Communication 3) client satisfaction based on hidden feedback 4) overall Activity as a seller
  9. I appreciate you took time to watch the video. I can relate with your view. Thank you for pointing out the part that need to be corrected. I will definitely redo it. Adding captions will make the video meaningful , I never thought about it before. Thank you so much!
  10. Its been a while I was planning to record a gig video and finally published it. As a non native it was challenging to write an script and say it in front of the camera. To make the video more professional I have printed a T-shirt with fiverr logo and worn it while recording. How is your experience on publishing a video for a gig ?
  11. It totally depends on quality of your work and buyers satisfaction. You shouldn't ask them for tips. What you can do is explain them how professionally you have completed the job and why your work is far better than other sellers. You can also mention that the price of your gig is reasonable compare to other sellers. It will help the buyer to take the decision of giving tips. Happy Freelancing 🙂
  12. Welcome to the forum. Keep engaging with the community and discovering the important/new topics , most importantly give your thought.
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