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  1. i need help from you guys untill now i have no order what i should do
  2. i’ve been joined heer from three week and until now i have no orders please help me
  3. hello there i’m new seller i have three gigs first i translate text and document from frensh to english and vice versa second reasons of my computer skills and my experience in media domain i can develop project on power point with full diaporama (graphic,photo,text) and finally i have a license of public law which is certifaed from university of law and reasons of my experience in this domain i can write legal posts terms and conditions
  4. I did not understand the site well so the search feature for offers did not know how
  5. i’m new seller how can I get orders
  6. _i can help you if you are worry about you resume or cv im here for writing professional resume and cv _also reasons of my diploma on public law i can write legal posts terms and conditions _not only that also reasons of my cumputer skills i can develop a power point projet which is full of speech graphic and photo
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