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  1. this was my repeat buyer not new buyer, i don’t any new message also my all gigs are down 🙂
  2. Hi, I don’t have any orders now these two months. What can I do now? Thanks, advanced.
  3. I have a local client in my country. And I did complete many there work. Already he works in Fiverr. Now I wanna work with Fiverr. If he orders on fiver for local work there have any problems? Please let me know anyone. thanks
  4. I don’t send any offer but show this problem*Why this problem. Please comment with your opinion. Thanks
  5. Thanks, just i want to know about this.
  6. Hi, I hope you are well. Just Now I want to know if your buyer wanna changes this rating, this is possible or not. Thanks
  7. Everyone share opinion. Many days I don’t receive the order. Please suggest me, How to improve my orders. Advance Thanks
  8. I want to know the 1st time, how much withdraw from Fiverr.
  9. First login your linkedin account and then go to fiverr and connect linkedin icon for add.
  10. Wow, great topic for all. I suggest regular send buyer request and share your gigs. Thanks.
  11. Anyone help me How to marketing my gigs and get many views and order.
  12. Yes, English is not your first language. So I will try to avoid the issue.
  13. The people here are mostly other sellers like you so we cannot tell you for sure why your views and clicks are down. However, I have noticed as a seller that there is an ebb and flow to impressions, views, and clicks because Fiverr seems to have an algorithm that allows for that. I understand that English is not your native tongue so you should know it is more polite to say, “I would appreciate an answer please.” When you use the word “expect” it is like you are given an order to someone and may make some people less inclined to help you. 😉 Sorry for my writing. And many many thanks for your information.
  14. I feel some problem. Day by day my gigs click and views down. I would appreciate an answer, please.
  15. How is feling for coming crismas. And how must sell your service this cristmas. Thanks
  16. Please share your experience. When you got 1st order. Thanks
  17. I got fast time Fiverr tip. Really I’m very happy. Everybody pray for me.
  18. yes, you can change your phone number. But need security question answer
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