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  1. in regards to gig rotation I got this replay from support “Please bear in mind that Gigs shifting their position is something that happens on our Platform on a daily level. This is because we want to achieve diversity and give all sellers equal opportunities to get orders, as well as enable buyers to find the services they need easier.”
  2. i am stuck in 11th page since then nothing seems to be working. I got only 5 new orders this month. I was doing an average of 120+ orders each month.
  3. as long as you communicate professionally and your work was done according to buyer instructions there should not be any problems for you, because they will check your order and messages with that buyer. it’s true VID and Bussiness buyers get special attention because they usually spend a lot. dispute happens with any type of buyer, and the consequences are the same if you violate Fiverr TOS and the buyer report you. so you should not be worried if you haven’t done anything wrong. it’s not true that Fiverr will give a warning without any reason. I recommend not respond to any abusive language, report those messages.
  4. many of us facing gig rotation. my gigs are on the 11th page for one 1month now. so I don’t think there is specific time period. use this time to work on your new gigs.
  5. @trafficspurt you see how similar our problem is? I have to check out some other forum posts and they share the gig statistics and it’s the same as ours, something happened on 3rd March. my gigs were unqualified the same day as well. your problem is fixed yet? for the first time in 4years, I am about to run out of orders soon. 😟 gig stat1555×405 37.1 KB
  6. hi! sadly I am the one you send message to, any message that is not related to my service I hit the spam button on it, I was not aware that you will get a warning for that I apologize for that. I usually get a lot of spam messages. it’s also against Fiverr’s term of service to contact seller over general Fiverr forum issue in their Fiverr inbox. it’s nothing personal but the reason I marked it spam because Fiverr counts new messages and how the seller converts them to sales if I replay to spam messages my gig placement and statistics will drop and the new search engine is very sensitive about this issue. (most sellers already saw a sudden drop in their ranking including me) your question was related to promoted gig, so no one knows why Fiverr unqualified so many gigs in the promotion. as far as I know, only sellers in the first 3 pages are able to use promoted gigs real quality gigs became “unqualified” as this does not matter for now in the promotion. as far as the ranking drop read this, warning can’t be removed, and it does not have any serious impact on your account since you joined a few months ago. i think your listing will not change.
  7. you are not alone. too many senior sellers face this issue the same day as you did. all of my gig rankings dropped exactly the same day as yours. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mar and everything is becoming almost 0. we have a few common things. joined 2017, completed over 7k orders, I was also assigned an adviser. I earn a lot with promoted gig but on 1st Mar my gigs were “Not Promotable (Unqualified)”. my gig has the highest amount of reviews in my entire category and still, I am on the 10th page since 1 March.
  8. i am having the same issue. 7k+ completed orders but gig says “unqualified” and at the same time when it got “unqualified” for promotion, gig was thrown from 1st page to 12th.
  9. hi! 2weeks ago my gig was move back from 1st page to 6page directly! reasons are unknown because many senior sellers face this kind of issues recently. i am trying the same techniques support are suggesting but nothing seems to be working. i improve SEO tags and other stuff as well and changed my front cover. i think buyers are decrease in overall site that’s why they are changing search algorithm to have at least some sales for everyone? if that’s the reason i respect their decision! btw i only have repeat clients not new clients. i see some people with 4.5 rating and have their recent sale month ago and as low as 5reviews are in the front page? while i get 5+reviews per day and i am on 6th page! please share your thoughts about this issue! and what else i need to do to go back to 1st page again! thank you
  10. thank you so much fiverr and forum members. 😊 i was worried so much. but it was recovered they replayed me much faster in this issue. this was auto denied by system which was mistake. thanks #jonbaas bro for giving me hope.
  11. thanks. he send me the image to draw from and i made a cover with that image. after the completion i asked permission from him. and it was shared in my portfolio just like each and every seller is doing here. if i am facing copyright why i haven’t received any warning? fiverr says there is no tolerance for copyrights and i respected that. but deleting such a high ranking gig without a warning!. in my recent month i completed 500-600 orders per months. it’s a mistake and they don’t care.
  12. front 3d3000×2000 3.13 MB design-you-any-cover-art-c1dc0992-8b12-497b-8c28-e8730d6405762400×1700 256 KByes i know. but maybe you find something that i am missing! my cartoon style is improved that is why i recreated the cover.
  13. that is the question i am asking here why my gig has been removed suddenly without any warnings? it says “Your Gig requires modification - NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)” it’s from a cover i made 2+years ago. i always ask buyer for permission of sharing image in my portfolio. and it was shared after permission was asked. the only thing i did was to recreate the image in better quality style which i am trying to offer here because i am not getting any business recently (because of search algorithm issue). it was in my gig for over 2 years and now they decided that it is not a orignal image or designer! i even have complete video where i am drawing that cover. i can’t find that exact order number anymore because i have done over 6000+orders and i can’t search each one for that image. (i forwarded source-file, video screenshots and other details to fiverr hope they can restore my gig)
  14. thank you. can i share the images here? both the one i made 2+years ago and the one i did 2hour ago. i never used forum before.
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