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  1. valid point thanks 🙂 there will be much larger orderes very sson will keep you updated
  2. no no mame I was showcasing that I can design a logo like nike logo not like I will design the same nike logo for all my clients if this make sense, but you or your guys was flagged it so am not saying you are stupid but okay it's not matching the quality standards of fiverr
  3. like i promissed guys i will keep you updates with my challange to buy a limborgini out of fiverr gigs !! for few days i had a client who has ordered one of my packages the ''smalles one '' of few tousend dollars package , thanks for the suport !!let me know if like the Urus model thanks ??
  4. I have promoted one of my gigs using the build-in platform promotion future !! I still do not make a difference in conversion or impressions of the gig before and after? I start questioning if you guys have already tried this future and would what you recommend?
  5. i am level 2 seller for a while joing the plafrom, its ben quit a goood experince so fare, amazing clients and good projects , now i am planning to sclae with more gigs in fufture offering more design gigs for mid sized and large sized business !!
  6. what is if I offer the highest standard of quality that high paying businesses are looking for, we still look for $8K for a logo design wish is not too much in comparison for what some projects I have seen from some of many designers outside of Fiverr, so its a deal, still, have you checked my gigs ??
  7. there are some buyers like one has contact me is willing to go for $8500 wish is approximate $10000 the issue do is like you mentioned with the pro verified, so thanks i m working on getting the badges
  8. hi, Fiverr sellers !! I have been since 2016 on Fiverr and now I have earned a couple thousand used on last years, now I have launched a logo design gig for $8k per gig I am looking to more clients in the future making me be able to buy one of the luxury cars from a side hustle as a Fiverr seller I will be full time once I get the regular que and quit my job finally for good .... please comment if this is possible now that fiverr is offering us to charge up to $10k per logo design?
  9. 6 months is such a long time? when was your last delivery?
  10. Some sellers have been doing worse, some better in the last year. I hope whatever you’re trying out to get more orders again will help you gain traction once more. thanks for shearing @miiila lookign forword to it 🙂
  11. you can check the quality I am offering there is no way I can charge less than $300 !! It’s a deal! many are charging more for some stuff that I will be ashamed to showing for even for fun 🙂
  12. It’s confusing because you said: But the “member since” date on your current Fiverr account is Sep 2017. If you’ve increased your prices recently that might be a reason for fewer orders. What’s your question I do not get it sorry? What’s wrong with my second account?
  13. lol yes i only have one account 🙂
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