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  1. I have promoted one of my gigs using the build-in platform promotion future !! I still do not make a difference in conversion or impressions of the gig before and after? I start questioning if you guys have already tried this future and would what you recommend?
  2. i am level 2 seller for a while joing the plafrom, its ben quit a goood experince so fare, amazing clients and good projects , now i am planning to sclae with more gigs in fufture offering more design gigs for mid sized and large sized business !!
  3. what is if I offer the highest standard of quality that high paying businesses are looking for, we still look for $8K for a logo design wish is not too much in comparison for what some projects I have seen from some of many designers outside of Fiverr, so its a deal, still, have you checked my gigs ??
  4. there are some buyers like one has contact me is willing to go for $8500 wish is approximate $10000 the issue do is like you mentioned with the pro verified, so thanks i m working on getting the badges
  5. hi, Fiverr sellers !! I have been since 2016 on Fiverr and now I have earned a couple thousand used on last years, now I have launched a logo design gig for $8k per gig I am looking to more clients in the future making me be able to buy one of the luxury cars from a side hustle as a Fiverr seller I will be full time once I get the regular que and quit my job finally for good .... please comment if this is possible now that fiverr is offering us to charge up to $10k per logo design?
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