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  1. Whenever strangers email me and pull out the “You will _______”, it gets my back right up. Immediately.
  2. I sometimes get ones that start with: “Hello pretty lady” and that about has the same effect. 😑
  3. Never. But I’m always pleased when they happen! <3
  4. By the way, this is the best thread I’ve ever seen on this forum.
  5. Coffee, coffee and then probably another coffee. … I’m not a morning person.
  6. When I went to the states, I saw soft drinks that had pictures of a person pointing a bottle at their eyeball, with a red X through it. :-\ Thanks for the heads up, drink bottle. I’ll make a point to avoid doing that.
  7. Yep, they fluctuate all the time. It is normal.
  8. Ask Customer Service. When I was promoted to Lv 2, it happened when I had 49 orders. Wonder if it is buggy.
  9. As for me, I expect my internet to stay up… sometimes I’m disappointed! 😉 I think I signed my highscool yearbooks with this …
  10. You already reported it. They will respond eventually or if not it’s possible they don’t think your complaint has merit. I can only imagine how many complaints Fiverr gets a day about… everything and anything. Imagine filtering through that. Worst job ever. Like an email call centre.
  11. Vickie, you’re gonna get that “50 likes for 20 days” achievement unlocked in no time!
  12. Other sites advise VOs in this situations to record the script as an audition and then cut off or fade out the last word before submitting so that it can’t be used.
  13. Thanks, I will! Much more proactive a thing to do than complain about it on the forum! 😉
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