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  1. @muhammadfaheem0 Sir yeh kitne time baad response rate refresh hota hai mathlb update kitne time baad leta hai ? Any idea ?
  2. But Now my ranking is down my level is now new seller. the buyer request are also very low . What can i do Please Any help @muhammadfaheem0
  3. Sir now any solution for i reach again to high response time & fiverr can return my badge ?
  4. Yes Brother i reply every message maximumly within 2 or 3 hours 😕
  5. Hello, I have a problem 2 days before i check my fiverr account, The fiverr is removed my badge because of response rate & the rate is decrease to 80% … Now i just check again its decrease to a 65% … Please Help me & give me any tip to improve it but i am daily fiverr user & also i give the quick reply to clients
  6. Thank You so much Brother for give me Information. Wish you a best of luck for your Successful Future. 🙂
  7. Brother i mean that my PC account on my home network & mobile app is on my mobile 4g connection. So that’s Possible without any problem & issues? & i am using only one account
  8. @wp_kid My brother is this possible when i use PC account on my Home internet & Mobile app on another internet connection?
  9. Hello, How are you all? Hope all are fine. I have a one of question about fiverr mobile app. Can you please help me! Sir Does Fiverr block the account when your PC fiverr connect to personal internet connection & you are using Fiverr Mobile App on your Mobile data internet or some other out sider connection?
  10. @isapony Oh my God 😱 My Problem was solved … Thank you very much to give me the suggestion.
  11. @isapony so now i can delete one of duplicate GIG . But start from zero is much difficult
  12. @isapony please help me give me any right suggestion. So, Can i delete one of identical gig?
  13. I try many time but still same problem @ahmedghumro
  14. Yes i created 3 gigs about white board animation @isapony
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