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  1. paid promotion cpc is just increasing & increasing. I’ve spend more on it then I’ve made from it. I’ve numbers like 100 clicks & 2 orders. That’s surprising. Also, these two orders came within first 15 clicks. Keep your reviews & experiences coming everyone.
  2. It has been 2 days since I’ve one of my gig promoted but haven’t received 2 impressions on it. Screenshot (96)_LI1291×444 37.8 KBDid anyone get any success out of it? Do share. Also, can you see on fiverr(search results) which gigs are promoted? Cause I have not seen a single gig with AD watermark on it(It was mentioned while launching it).
  3. This is what founder & CEO has to say, but I don’t know why there’s nothing regarding this on the forum, also no one is talking about this. Maybe it will be released in phases, I’m, personally, is excited though.
  4. Vimeo Fiverr Promoted GigsJoin the web’s most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD and 4K with no ads. drop your opinion and let us know if you got the feature in your account
  5. I have all 400$ available to withdraw. Can I withdraw only 100$? Pending clearance is 0$
  6. Can I withdraw a part of my Fiverr revenue? For ex. : Like I have 400$ in Fiverr account and don’t have any account linked. So, can I withdraw just 100$ from my account by linking PayPal account. Please explain in detail.
  7. I also have passed one with 6.8. Can some one tell me its benefits?
  8. When will the courses for other categories be launched? Like WordPress. @wp_kid
  9. Yesterday I came to know about the new feature on Fiverr. In this, some gigs are shown as ads. Like this: If a new buyer gets this feature on his profile it will really help boom his orders. If anyone knows please help.
  10. I am expecting a lot of replies to this conversation. There aren’t many as of now. But I am sure this news will spread as fire in the forest
  11. And the fact is these “ADS” are only shown when you are not signed up. Signed in: When not signed in.
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