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  1. bro thank you for your tips:smiley:
  2. thank you bro for your replay:relaxed:
  3. Hi How to rank my gig on fiverr 1st page. Need experts help . Thank you
  4. yes bro fiverr ban your accounts for opening multiple account from the same pc . thank you:no_mouth:
  5. yes bro wait some time fiverr give you level 1 badge
  6. Yeah sure, Thank you too bro.🙂 How long it took for you to get the badge once you completed your 10th order? 1 min only bro after complete my 10th order i get my level 1 badge
  7. thank you very much bro for your best wishes:hugs:
  8. thanks bro for your reply. wait some time fiverr give you level 1 badge:smiley:
  9. thanks bro. promote your gig in social media:relaxed:
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