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  1. I trying to Sent My 4 File Via Delivery. But Still Facing The problem , I trying 3 Times.
  2. In one sentence… Without any resons Fiverr never banned any account. #Happy_earning 🙂
  3. so sad 😦 at this time you needed do Marketing your gigs. and must try to increase your Rating. that is only one solution 🙂
  4. You too… I wish Asap you find your 1st sale 🙂
  5. Welcome and best of luck George. 🙂
  6. it depends on buyer posting their request in around you catagory gig. just wait and wait… you must see the request
  7. i am agree with you. same to case, i also suffered. This worst system of Fiverr 😦
  8. just wait… you must find buyer request. then write a killer buyer request and do marketing your gig into various platform. good luck for you 🙂
  9. This is bad time For us (small sallers). And the cause of thos type sellers who stay in fiverr with BAD SKILLS. 😦
  10. it is deepened on buyer offering Their request and also your gig catagory,sub-catagory. There haven’t any rules. But you can contact with CS if you thinking that there was any mistake. THANK YOU. 🙂
  11. I told you only one sentence. Just Write killer buyer request. I wish ASAP you vit your 1st order. Thank you good luck
  12. Good luck. I wish you can touch the success
  13. Sure! you can buy another Gig. but if you want to do “review exchange” that is against The TOS. honesty is the better 🙂 policy. Thank you. good luck
  14. I Think you must neede Improve your Profits, Gigs,and attitude. I already see uper all masses.
  15. you need to do more improve / update in your Gigs and profile.
  16. I have already 7 gigs in 6 catagory. before Demotion I was find huge request (like every day I found 50-70 request)
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