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  1. Please contact CS if need urgent or it will fix after few times hope
  2. Don’t disappointed hope will get order soon
  3. Hi Fiverr freelancer from Bangladesh i hope many freelancer here from Bangladesh I also from bangladesh. If we make a meet up with all Bangladeshi success freelancer and new freelancer how it will work ? i hop this program success can share their experience and new can learn a lot from there experience. it’s not mandatory i just give my opinion. Thanks and hope hare from every Bangladeshi form fiverr.
  4. HI fiverr community hope everyone is well . I to to give you greeting everyone from bangla New year.
  5. Welcome Fiverr family hope you will get you first job soon
  6. welcome to fiverr. Hope will get your order soon
  7. If any major problem please contact with customer support
  8. Just carry on fiverr if you meet fiverr requirements then get level
  9. Thanks for great suggestion @offlinehelpers
  10. I complete my today job successfully. Also buyer happy and get some tips 😍
  11. Hi Fiverr guys today one buyer ask a simple job and ordered me before ordered i asked him multiple time that he confirmed or not he said yes and want to proceed after order he said changed his mind and want to cancel order . Now my question fiverr has any solutions for prevent this because untimely if i cancel the order i lost my revenue and down my gig impression but nothing happen to buyer he get his money back . what’s you think other guys you agree with me fiverr should not prevent this or keep it as same as it.
  12. When you sent offer you set price by yourself . From my view i think it’s not need 😁
  13. I have the same problem CS ensure me it’s not affect profile negatively . And you can use resolutions for modify review once for one order
  14. AS a new seller if you need help how get order soon then contact with me i will guide you how you can improve your gig and get order soon. Thanks and welcome everyone as a fiverr member
  15. After 14 days you money will available your account
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