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  1. Love reading your post. it get's me motivated to work even more harder than before. 😃
  2. Most of my orders are from returning buyer. I always provide quality services to each of the buyer which is why i made many permanent clients here on fiverr.
  3. Very interested to be a part of seller plus XD
  4. share your gig on twitter and facebook groups with proper captions. Don’t spam comments or group. do some research for gig seo as well. Good luck
  5. you only have one gig and it is supposed that there are no buyer request submitted under your gig category. Try to create few more gigs in different category as well or wait for some buyer requests
  6. Ask fiverr support to help you in this matter. hope they can evaluate this issue. Do mention that client wants to view the order first without watermark
  7. I have recently completed a website and asked the buyer to review the site if he wants to make any changes on the site. He said he needs some tweaks in the content he provided himself. I did everything according to his request and now when I move the site to his server and deliver the order and also asked him to review the website again and let me know if he needs anything else. Instead of providing remarks or changes the buyer opened the dispute and asked me to cancel the order because he is not satisfied. Everything done on the website was according to his given requirement and provided the design. He said his design is not appealing. That is why he is not satisfied and want to cancel the order. It took a lot of my time and energy to finish this project. what should i do now? Should i accept his dispute or what?
  8. Me neither. At the time of demotion last month they send me the email in the morning and today when i have again completed all the challenges and waiting for promotion again and they have not send me any kind of notification regarding level 2. Fiverr what do you want from your sellers?
  9. Whenever I complete an order I usually attach the image of the work with the order which should show with my gig as a portfolio. But actually, it doesn’t appear on my gig as a portfolio image.
  10. Congratulation brother. First order is always so excited for everyone. I remember my first order, I didn’t sleep my whole night because of excitement.😃
  11. Yeah, this happened to me as well on my 3rd order when i joined the fiverr. The buyer was satisfied and order was completed with a positive review. After one week of completion buyer chargeback and fiverr emailed me saying the order have been canceled and if you dont get anything fiverr also don’t get either money. Fiverr is not concerned about your man hours you invested in developing any project and delivering and they dont have any kind of policy for chargeback outside fiverr.
  12. Hello ranarmlove3 You have to start focusing on your gig, share your gig to social media and other platforms bring more traffic to your gig. And keep checking buyer request after some interval of time and send the offer if you found some. Not today but after some days you will definitely start getting orders again. Good Luck
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