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  1. Seems you dont get the topic, there was a category Digital marketing section - web traffic, i am asking why fiverr remove it. There is over 9000+ gigs on this category. And web traffic is not like provide views,likes,subs, its a marketing method. There is few ways to get traffic to newly created website/or old site that have no traffic, seo or sem take more time and very costly, but there is way to get advertise the site to target country audience, that can get traffic, so how would this be against their tos :roll_eyes: 16229896267572097080055739295452000×1500 1.12 MB
  2. its been a while and seems no one complain about this even i ask from cs that not get clear answer. seems that they have removed the category. But i wonder why they remove one of most sales (profit) getting category. Web traffic is part of Digital marketing and one of way to improve website without SEO or SEM. :roll_eyes: i ask from all the traffic seller update here to get attention on Fiverr CS team. to get category back. Thanks
  3. where is Web traffic category under Digital marketing ? (Web traffic category under Digital marketing Not Found or Removed?) i cant find it anymore on desktop browser
  4. I can’t find web Traffic category Under Digital marketing main category. Do they removed it ? Screenshot_722676×595 123 KB
  5. Congratulation 🙂 hope you will be Top rated seller soon
  6. This is My idea How Should Promoted Gig Work. Just a Idea ( i don’t know If fiverr care of our Idea) I think Promoted Gig Should Be Visible To Both Seller and Buyer Accounts. Also The first Row Of Every Keyword Search Results and Category should be available for promoted Gig. so First Row Of Gig will Change Continually depend on Bid and Etc Fact of Fiverr. SO there is Good chance To Get Order For every Promoter. Just check Image Screenshot_3121473×899 199 KB Also it should be shown as Promoted Badge.
  7. what you mean ? this is not my gig or my account , i am talking about how fiverr editors choose rising tallent even not checking quality of gig
  8. only gig images are different , description and other things are exactly same.
  9. i see one of gig that chosen By Fiverr as Rising talent. But it almost every single word has copied from other Top selling Gig on that same category. its like the quality of they are choosing a joke. i make a gig at least getting me 30 min-1 hour , but a guy who post copy paste getting rising talent 😅 Screenshot_1341308×707 192 KBRising talent with a high potential, recommended by Fiverr’s editors. original gig Screenshot_1351280×731 211 KBtell me your opinion guys
  10. even i can not deliver the order after deliver done everything is empty 😥
  11. Hi there , here is little suggestion, in analysis Achieve these goals to be nominated for a Top Rated Seller, but isn’t or never promoted. i suggest how if you give clearing funds withing 7 days ? as they are enough trusted and sold over $20k and they never dominated to Top rated seller, guys if you like pls comment your opinion on behalf of Fiverr. 😃
  12. But you’re not paying to be able to use their logo. I buy stuff from Marks and Spencer, but it doesn’t give me the right to use their logo. 😉 So instead of banning , Many reviews Gig , why they can not say the reason and give gig edit request . that mean they don’t care how many reviews or how old or how many recommendation that seller have , They just banned the gig and said what ever Tos Violation, i have same experience Multiple time. 😐
  13. telling to cs nothing , once you sent same thing they will send same thing , i doubt they even looking this matter , so there should be a way to reach authority.
  14. Do you know its against their tos so don’t do this any more 😕 i got warning
  15. Agree 😋 also this evolution is another stressful Thing which is down us and we have to work like slave to protect levels , thats really bad ,
  16. dude check your email every instruction on there 🙂
  17. Try payoneer its safe and fast currently Paypal Not support to receive money option For Srilanka
  18. Say “no”. If you did the work, you should be paid. The buyer sounds like he wants all of the work you did for free, and that is something you should always say “no” to. Always. i have same experience if you say No you will Definitely get Negative feedback and once buyer try to dispute cs will cancel your order with negative feedback left there 😕 so i recommend cancel and offer Him refund . If you cancel the order what ever situation it will affect to your cancellation ratio. if you done your job You must get paid but cs will never fight for That 😥
  19. No , i don’t Think So , Fiverr is the best to start anyone , and earn quite , Never stop and never give up .
  20. Go to your profile you can see this on fiverr.com/username
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