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  1. thank you for your suggestion. I changed the gig titles now. about the revisions, you are also correct. I am offering unlimited revisions so that the buyer can request as much revisions as he/she wants within 2 days. though there are very few special buyers who tends to abuse this and requests for revisions, even beyond the agreed deadline. I’ll try to limit the number of revisions and see if it will work.
  2. I had a buyer before who availed my service for a very cheap price and was very demanding with his order. we’ve agreed to have 2 days turnaround time, but he kept on asking for revisions for 6 days. after delivering and satisfying all his demands, he finally completed the order and gave a 5 star rating. after that, I blocked him. he created a new account and messaged me, telling me that he needed more revisions. he is very angry because of the blocking. he reported me to fiverr support. unfortunately, fiverr suddenly decided to refund the fee back to the buyer, and give me a warning. it was very frustrating. I invested so much time and effort for that order for 6 days. what did I get? fiverr warning and a refund. buyer got the service for free.
  3. I’ve observed some gigs and read their reviews, and they are coming from the same person. That seller is really lucky since every week, the same buyer avails his gig. I hope I can also have a regular buyer. I do image to excel conversion, image to powerpoint(currently my best seller, with clients as of now), data entry, image to word, and photo editing.
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