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  1. Well, you said “like most students do”, so I guess it’s a generalization rather than an assumption? 😛 Aside from plane tickets, there is very little that I spend money on other than food. I dine out occasionally, but that’s it. I’m a really cheap person lol. A few $10-$20 meals here and there, and then a few plane tickets that add up to $500 at the end of the year…if only I were one of those people who lived close enough to drive home.
  2. I hate how this is everyone’s assumption of what I do as a college student: party and waste my money. I know, millennials are ruining everything. But I don’t work three jobs through the school year just to burn through all my money. (Honestly, my biggest expenditure at parties is $3 party-size bags of popcorn because I’m more of a eater than a drinker, and that’s only $3 every other week.) Aside from my phone bills, most of my money goes to plane tickets because I live a long way away from my family. Sure, I might be able to save up a few hundred from Fiverr by the end of the semester (I’m only part-time on here, after all). But when each trip is a few hundred dollars, even visiting once or twice a year will eat up all your money. Hopefully you don’t view that as a waste of money lol
  3. I don’t have enough money to save lol. Still a student, so I guess that’s pretty normal. It definitely does even out my spending with my earning though.
  4. Wouldn’t you want to make a gig that was different from your competitors rather than the same? For example, if I could offer sci-fi stories instead of just stories as a niche category and no one else was doing that, wouldn’t that give me a leg up for the clients who are seeking out a niche? Your method is okay, but ultimately I think it can also be valuable to offer something that no one else is offering.
  5. 😍Here the links: https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers https://www.fiverr.com/fiverr_academy but what about the UPYOUR forum post? Just type UPYOUR into the forum search bar and you’ll have it!
  6. Hm, interesting. Maybe some of them consider their English names just as much their names. From my years in Asia I’ve known a few people who are like that. In that case, it’s just weirdness on their side 😛
  7. Hi, what kind of website analytics tells you this? I would like to have it. I have a lot of buyers who have the wrong country listed, which I can tell from their time zones. I don’t know why buyers lie about where they are from. These are people who do not have any gigs, and have names that sound English yet are in places where English is not spoken. To be fair, that could just be their English name. English is taught throughout the world, and a lot of teachers demand that students adapt an English name during English classes.
  8. If it’s a difference in listing, it could also be that they were traveling or that it was a bug. That does happen occasionally. If you feel that it was definitely deception and was harmful to your project, you can report them. It’s bad form to lie about where you’re from. There are legitimate sellers from all over the world who are talented at what they do, so there’s no need for them to try and impress buyers that way.
  9. Your gig description: Don’t bold and capitalize random words. Have you tried checking the Tips for Sellers category, the Academy, the UPYOUR forum posts, and all the other resources out there that tell you how to improve your gig and actually make sales?
  10. Don’t think too much into stats. They don’t really correlate to the performance of your gig. I didn’t check all your gigs, but in your responsive SEO optimized wordpress site one you say that you have 7+ years of experience while in your profile you say 5+. You should probably match them up somehow or people might suspect you of copying descriptions. Also, you say 500+ happy clients. You might want to specify that they’re off-Fiverr, since you don’t have any orders yet.
  11. I think it’s conditional though. When you have zero reviews under your belt, increasing your price might not be the best idea. I don’t see anything wrong with offering stuff a bit cheaper early on as long as you raise your prices eventually. @nesa5644 Your prices are too high for a beginner. Instead of offering a whole package within one gig, I would try to offer a taste of your services–aka a smaller amount of work for a lower price.
  12. The grammar in your proofreading gig needs some polishing. There’s no difference between how you charge for each different service. It’s through each order you get.
  13. I usually write my own personalized, order-specific notes to walk them through how I did it rather than talking about general things in the delivery. I find that people respond pretty well to that.
  14. Your gig description is way too short and non indicative.
  15. It takes a lot of time to learn even one field thoroughly. Plus, fields change. Maybe you invest all your time into learning about one field, and then a few years later it’s no longer relevant. What’s the point there then?
  16. Oooookay…I’m looking forward to seeing you become a master writer, designer, and photo editor, then! After all, isn’t the best way to earn money to do as much as possible? I don’t mean to doubt you, but I don’t think that anyone can be a true Renaissance man like that. For example, if translation was the highest earning sector, would you learn all the languages in the world to compete?
  17. I think you might have to click through it on the order page. It’s on the right side of the order page.
  18. Go the resolution center. One of the options in the second portion after you answer the reason for needing resolution should be “ask to extend the deadline”.
  19. Yeah, but you have to keep in mind that even photoshop orders can be huge if you’re doing a bulk order. For example, my orders average around $20, but I’ve also gotten bigger orders for a bigger word count and smaller orders for smaller word counts. Plus, at the end of the day, you’re still working to earn that money. It’s not like each individual order being huge means that you can just sit back and wait for the money to roll in. While working hard is great, if you jump into a field without passion or self-awareness of your own level, there’s no way to succeed. Certain fields perhaps you can learn how to get good at (for example, transcription where speed and accuracy can be trained), but are you really going to be able to improve your business copywriting skills or graphic design skills if you have no feeling for either of those fields?
  20. Any one of them if you’re good at it, and none of them if you’re not so great 🙂
  21. Gotta say, that’s pretty ambitious. You need at least 100 orders to be a top-rated seller–and even then, it’s not even a guarantee. Not really. Your level won’t really determine how respected you are, your behavior will. Maybe and probably not yet.
  22. Your gig description is kind of vague. What does “manifest anything” even mean? Are there limits to it? How does it work? Can you manifest physical items, or is it for wishes only?
  23. As long as it’s not a seller advertising his services, he can do what he wants.
  24. I’m guessing you probably experienced a Paypal chargeback, which really sucks. I’ve had it happen to me before as well, and never really found a resolution for it since the buyer’s account got automatically closed immediately thereafter.
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