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  1. Did you open a support ticket or was this all through email? Perhaps opening up a ticket could be more helpful?
  2. What do you mean? Do you need help completing your own order?
  3. All right, here’s some points I notice when skimming over your gigs. Your profile picture is kind of blurry. Is it possible that you use something that’s less blurry? Facebook cover design gig: You only have one image on display, and frankly it’s not super attractive to would-be buyers. The fonts and clashing colors aren’t nice-looking. Same issue with the background removal one. Instead of showing actual samples, you have an image of something that’s clearly not had actual background removal done (those two shirts look completely different!). The fonts are also not appealing. And same issue with the retouching one. The visual aspect needs to be more arresting if you’re going to offer visual gigs. Put up some good samples that actually showcase your skill!
  4. Nah, I still think that’s a spam comment. You’re commenting and watching the video with the express purpose of eventually linking to your own gig.
  5. Is it just me or do a lot of these seem like spamming rather than marketing? Posting random gig links in the youtube/twitter/facebook comment section just seems like directionless spamming.
  6. People are dumb and don’t understand what BR is for. Don’t quote me on this, but I’m fairly sure that no Fiverr employees are filtering manually through the buyer requests. It’s an automated process, so inevitably a few rogue self-promotion posts get through. Just ignore them and you’ll be fine.
  7. She was talking about translation gigs specifically, so yes it does matter. It really salts my apples when people try to claim fluency in a language they’re translating into/from when they clearly don’t know the first thing about it.
  8. Thanks? Why’re you welcoming me though? 😛
  9. There’s no real way to circumvent the 20%, if that’s what you’re talking about. You can set your prices high, but if it’s higher than your services are worth then you’ll end up driving people away.
  10. I’m not worried about @offlinehelpers rude comment because why sweat on someone who does not know anything about me If you’re not worried, then perhaps it’s time to see that it wasn’t targeted toward you at all, just a general statement about buyers who started out as sellers 🙂
  11. Here’s proof I’m not worried about it… Except, of course, that she prefaced it with the fact that everyone who signs up can buy and sell. What she means is that just because you’re a buyer who signed up with gigs doesn’t mean you’re smart. She wasn’t saying specifically that you weren’t smart, just that your actions do not equate to you being smart. It’s time to take a chill pill. 🙂
  12. Can you quote anywhere in my comment where I said that I’m worried about the fiverr features?
  13. @offlinehelpers Thanks for the rude compliment… I don’t think that was meant as any kind of compliment. offlinehelpers has a point. It doesn’t require any special skill to become a buyer or seller on here. What’s hard is actually making sales.
  14. I’m not 100% sure what kind of situation you’re talking about. Technically the duration of an order’s effectiveness should not go beyond the 30 days range, and the buyer shouldn’t be leaving reviews if something hasn’t worked. I believe they can change their reviews once or twice. If you’re talking about when the seller delivers a blank order, simply reject the order so that they can’t just ghost you.
  15. Since you said you had some great experiences here with certain sellers, why not go with sellers you’ve already worked with? That way you’ll have a guarantee of quality. I don’t see any reason you have to go for a $400 gig if you’ve already found quality at cheaper prices.
  16. Hi Emily! So nice to see another college student on Fiverr! I think that having a planner gig sounds really awesome! Personally I’m not the most organized person, so I think that your gigs would definitely draw interest in the sense that you’d be able to help people get organized. Perhaps it would be a good idea to also offer gigs that aren’t just for work or school schedules, but also developing personal habits (e.g. reading daily, exercising daily, etc.)? That might be more broadly applicable.
  17. They get away with it, but the best we can really do is report this behavior (if you’re a buyer) and actually read the TOS and take it to heart (if you’re a seller). On the other hand, if a seller hasn’t provided good services and they ask for a good review, it might end up backfiring on them anyways. It’s not a good idea from any point of view.
  18. They’re actually not supposed to do that. That’s viewed as review manipulation. Generally speaking I’d say look at the longer reviews where people go into detail about how a certain seller helped them. Also check out negative reviews and how the seller responded to them.
  19. Not quite sure what you are asking, but it’s always been the same for new sellers. All of us started out new here.
  20. Hey there, fellow translator here! For any wordsmithing service think it’s important to have an appealing gig description describing what you can do for clients rather than just talking about the specificities of what will happen after they order. Talk about your qualifications, your interest and passion in translation and languages, etc. I’ve noticed you have a few grammatical mistakes in your profile and gig, so it’s best if you proofread them again. If you’re doing Spanish to English, then it’s important to showcase really good English in your gig description. Also, just curious: why aren’t you offering English to Spanish? If you’ve a native Spanish speaker, seems like it would give you a leg up in terms of competition!
  21. That sounds pretty reasonable. I started from $5/500 words (and am technically still there), so that’s definitely not too much to ask. Maybe you should word it in your gig as $5/500 words rather than $10 per 1000 words? It might draw more buyers. I’ve done the opposite and written $10 per 1000 words because I don’t want to do short-form things anymore, but it might work better for you.
  22. I can only hope so! I don’t know if it will grow so much as I’ll probably get a traditional job in the future and work on the side as well (so, still part-time), but perhaps I’ll learn some skills there that I can apply here 🙂
  23. I’m curious if it differs between different types of gigs? Like if a gig requires more personal interaction or whatnot is there more tendency to leave a review? I’ve written some pretty personal things for people, and they generally tend to leave reviews after those projects. Mine is at 80%, although I guess I don’t have that many reviews compared to a lot of more experienced Fiverr sellers in this thread.
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