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  1. It’s also been three years since this post was opened, so it’s not so surprising that the link doesn’t work…the harms of reviving zombie threads!
  2. It depends on the specific client. Tailor it to whatever needs they talk about, maybe add a bit about the experience you have in the area they’re asking for work in, and then you’ll have a good response. There is no single kind of response that will work, but there are many more that won’t.
  3. It should be on the order page, I believe. I’m not a buyer so I can’t see what it looks like from their end, but if I’m not mistaken there should be a fairly obvious option for buyers to leave reviews there.
  4. If it’s within 30 days, he can still leave a review. You don’t have to copy-paste my name lol
  5. He might not want to review the order. You can’t force him to do so.
  6. Generally speaking templates are a bad idea. I’d advise writing something from scratch whenever you can to address a specific client’s needs.
  7. I think having a longer gig description with more details about your qualifications and such could potentially help.
  8. Yep, there’s no issue with that! I’d venture to say that most people do that so they can keep tabs on Fiverr both at home and on the road 🙂
  9. So here’s a funny story. I clicked into your gig, trying to see if there was anything to improve on, when I stumbled on some familiar words. Parts of your gig description are copied word-for-word from mine. What an awkward coincidence!
  10. Honestly, I think it’s mostly because the design samples aren’t very appealing. You might want to put up some better samples where the color isn’t clashing and the fonts are more professional-looking. It might help to take a look at what other people in your category are doing for their samples (of course, without copying from them!)
  11. I think it might be helpful to start from a lower price point when you’re brand new. You don’t necessarily have to “degrade your rates”; instead you can offer a small sample service for much cheaper, and then move onto bigger projects, charging the normal rate that you want to charge. Your gigs look fine, although I’m a bit confused why you have two differently priced gigs under basically the same title? You might also want to consider using sample websites so that people will consider ordering a more expensive gig from you from the get-go.
  12. I doubt that’s the reason your impressions are decreasing. It’s just a new thing they’re putting on gigs to show when you get something by with a certain delivery date. Also, impressions don’t really mean anything. I personally never check them.
  13. There are Chinese sellers that I know of on Fiverr, so I think access to the site specifically isn’t limited. It’s true that there are a whole suite of other sites that are limited, and the Internet is also pretty sluggish, but if you’re patient you can access most sites that aren’t Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc.
  14. I don’t have experience marketing gigs, I just want to say that I’m kind of jealous of your gig descriptions. I wish I were that witty. Personally I just got orders through buyer requests for the longest time, although now because of how few there are it might not be as viable an option anymore.
  15. Unfortunately, there’s no way to cancel without affecting your cancellation rate. It’s an unfortunate flaw of the current system that will hopefully be fixed in the future.
  16. I think that you might want to omit the emojis in the gig description. They’re fine when you’re messaging with someone (depending on the tone of the conversation), but they come off a little too nudge nudge when you’re including them in a description of your skills. You could be a bit more professional, despite your pride in being “unprofessional”. It’s your choice, but keep in mind that it might put some buyers off.
  17. Sorry to hear about your situation. As a fellow writer I’ve looked over your gigs, and here’s what I notice immediately. Your profile description doesn’t seem super related to what you’re offering. Also, if you have so much experience in computer science, why not offer a programming gig? Your English article gig: the images are low-definition, fuzzy. Use something more high-definition and compelling. For mine, I just got my brother to snap a few pictures of some writerly images and that was it. The grammar in your gig description is also flawed. Honestly, I would refrain from offering an article gig unless you’re completely confident in your fluency in the language. For your Greek article gig, I would write the gig description in both English and Greek to give buyers a taste of your writing chops in both languages. Good luck!
  18. Eh, if they’ve already done it four or five times I don’t think they deserve that warning anymore.
  19. I don’t know what is wrong with Fiverr, but I can say that your articles/blog posts gig needs some grammatical work. There are some strange punctuations and grammar issues that could be fixed. When I’m not getting orders I always tend to self-reflect and tweak my gigs to see what works. But that’s just me.
  20. No, you don’t get notified. The sent offer just stays there forever. I’ve sent a few hundred by now and they’re just there like ghosts.
  21. I’m a student who doesn’t have a day job so this probably doesn’t count (I just wanted to comment because this topic is cool and I have natural admiration for people who can sing/do voiceovers/anything with their voices), but I’m offering gigs in very artsy writing/translation things and all my internships (and probably my future career) have been in marketing. I was one of those kids who wanted to be a writer for a living before I realized that writing doesn’t pay the bills as well as you want it to. So here I am on Fiverr 😛
  22. That still doesn’t excuse you for stealing someone else’s gig description.
  23. You could try explaining your mistake, say that you didn’t realize that it wasn’t allowed, and that you want to start over anew. If they were really going to punish you, wouldn’t they just have disabled both your account at once?
  24. Yes, but you clearly have an account that you’re using to access the forum. Why not use this account?
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