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  1. Hey, it’s you again! Please change the portions of your profile that include verbatim parts of mine. Thanks! If you’re a writer, you should be able to come up with something 🙂 As for why your gigs aren’t selling, there are grammatical mistakes in your profile that any writer should be able to pick out. That would definitely put a lot of buyers off.
  2. Offlinehelpers isn’t really an official helper. She’s just responding with help out of the goodness of her heart. Can you really fault her for trying?
  3. You’re going to have to figure that out for yourself. What works for one person won’t work for another 🙂 Research is key here!
  4. You said, and I quote That seems to imply more than one notification? Maybe you should try a different method of promoting your gigs, then?
  5. BR isn’t the only way you can gain orders. You can also try promoting your gig and other such endeavors. Either way, harassing a buyer isn’t the way to go.
  6. You definitely shouldn’t bother a buyer again after they’ve left you bad feedback. Worst case scenario you might get reported and get your account closed.
  7. Some buyers are flaky and nasty, but most are pretty nice. Some are just less responsive than others. Don’t let that make you nervous for nothing! 😄
  8. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: You just delivered, be patient. Sometimes buyers don’t respond at all. That’s just how life goes. Move on and keep working.
  9. You can translate and transcribe every language? That doesn’t sound super convincing to potential buyers.
  10. I’m sorry I have a different opinion about that. I don’t want buyers who just want my work for very cheap, I want to grow my account without selling myself short. Sure I will make nice discounts for returning sellers and bigger projects. But I have my prices like this because I believe that that will filter all the “I just want this for very cheap and I need it in 24 hours”-buyers from the buyers that are actually interested in my work and respect the effort and time it takes me to make these images. I could absolutely elaborate in my descriptions, thank you. Now I feel silly I haven’t thought about that before. Thanks for the luck! I’m afraid I’m going to need it, haha. That’s understandable, but there is something to be said for selling at a lower price point at first. There are the cheap buyers, of course, but also ones that just aren’t certain about people with no/few reviews. A low price might be the key to pushing them to take a chance. Of course, it’s ultimately your choice.
  11. Honestly, I don’t really get what you mean. Isn’t what you’re suggesting raising the roof to keep things fresh? But when you get to level 3, you’ll still be receiving notifications every month about TRS, so things won’t have actually changed.
  12. First of all, you might want to have a shorter title next time. A huge one like that just makes people’s eyes hurt! I would advise against using all-caps in your gig description. Your photoshop gig’s image is stretched weirdly, which is a no-no for a graphic gig. One of your other gigs has mostly bolded text, which is also unnecessary.
  13. i never told - i have any problem in Lv2. or that’s not my honor. But i am running with same honor from last 4 year. that’s my point and i want to see something different in that honor. don’t u think? if u do wear same jacket from 4 yr…don’t u want to change that. And tailor is reminding me every month, you are nominated for get a new jacket after few hour. they told. we don’t think, you’re ***** to wear that jacket so we decided for u. keep wear your old jacket. Wait…but according to that logic, then shouldn’t they keep infinitely implementing more levels in between so that people can constantly gain new levels and retain that sense of freshness. This seems less like a system issue and more like a suggestion borne out of personal annoyance.
  14. Not a TRS, but I still think there’s no point. What is this supposed to give us, a sense of pride and accomplishment? Also: when you make polls, don’t make certain answers obviously biased or super salty. “I would rather receive the same notification every month” makes me cringe.
  15. I’ve been doing pretty okay. My goal has been to get bigger orders instead of many small ones, and this month has been going pretty well so far.
  16. Your gig image isn’t super appealing. Also, if you’re going to offer three completely different types of services in three packages, you should split them into separate gigs instead of having them as one gig. Data entry and document conversion are really hard categories, especially since you can convert documents online for free.
  17. They do allow you to deliver without an attachment in the traditional sense. As long as you have a link or something in there that goes to the client, you should be fine. It’s only when you haven’t delivered the final product that there’s an issue.
  18. I feel like if you’re offering different kinds of writing services, then you should separate them into separate gigs since it can get confusing very quickly. (For example, would you charge less for a really long story than for a speech?) Also, take 100 usd out of the title. Putting prices in the title is generally a bad idea.
  19. Why do you say “terrible and minimalist” logo design in your description?
  20. Your gig descriptions need a lot of work. For an article writing gig you can’t just not give a description. With the level of English you displayed there, I also don’t think offering a writing gig is a good idea in the first place. Why does your brochure gig say “ranked 1st on Fiverr”? You have no reviews. Did you copy it from someplace else? Your vector logo gig description is way too angry and demanding. I found the creative logo gig description on another seller’s gig. Don’t copy gig descriptions.
  21. Do the same type of quality work you always do, and you’ll be fine 🙂
  22. No one’s going to give you answers in this post. Go open up your own 🙂
  23. I’m a writer, so I just checked out your blog post gig. I think you shouldn’t focus on bashing poor keyword use so much in your gig description. It’s supposed to be about your own skills, your own talents, not condemning a common practice. Talk about your talents, and maybe include the keyword thing in the FAQ. Also, the X-ray metaphor is pretty…strange.
  24. You can’t get more BR until you move up in the ranks. As to how to impress buyers, just try your best to understand what their needs are and address those.
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