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  1. Hey there, and welcome! Always good to see a fellow proofreader/editor 🙂 I’m a new seller as well, but the one thing I noticed is that your proofreading and editing gig’s title might be too long. When you’re looking at it from your profile, it looks like it cuts off after the word “English,” but with an extra weird comma. Not sure how you would fix that aside from splitting one gig into three though 😕
  2. https://www.fiverr.com/academy This question is asked all the time. You should look at the responses to those posts, and also check out Fiverr Academy 🙂
  3. This actually seems like a fun idea lol. Although maybe it’s against fiverr rules? I’m not sure 😐
  4. Your description is also kind of irrelevant. We don’t need to know about this competition between companies, nor the requirements for business cards. Proofreading/editing your profile and gigs might be helpful 🙂
  5. You don’t seem to have any reviews?
  6. In addition to that: maybe I’m just really ignorant about keyword research, but you seem to have two of the same gig. Also, neither of them are formatted properly.
  7. If you want feedback on your gig, “Improve my Gig” is probably the place to go. For other tips, Fiverr Academy awaits.
  8. Yeah, it just didn’t seem worth it. No idea why they messaged me, I’m not even a Level 1 seller 😂
  9. I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to post, but I was wondering if someone else had received messages like this before. Today someone messaged me out of the blue, asking if I wanted to make a deal. They offered to give me a good review in exchange for a good review. I declined and, thankfully, didn’t hear from them again. Is this a common thing? I know it’s not allowed on fiverr, but the whole message system makes it so that we need to keep our response rate up and reply to every last message instead of letting us ignore them 😕 How have others dealt with that?
  10. When you say new seller, do you mean that they’ve made sales or do they have no reviews at all? Regardless, I’m pretty sure the algorithm for getting on the front page is random (while also factoring in one’s rating.) It’s probably better not to worry about getting on the front page and just double down on the work 😛
  11. There are a few grammatical errors, but honestly other than that it seems pretty solid.
  12. First of all you don’t need to capitalize a lot of the words in your seller description (e.g. everything other than Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. should not be capitalized.) This might be more just me, but I think it looks better if you space after every comma. Clears up the sentence and makes it look better. It’s also “manually do” and “manually create,” not “do manually” or "create manually." There are other grammatical errors in your gig descriptions that you should probably check out as well. For the testimonial one: it’s not “do submit testimonial,” but “I will submit testimonials for your business.”
  13. I mean, it isn’t going to happen magically. I’m pretty sure you have to be a top-rated seller to get on the front page. I’ve been seeing some Pro accounts without reviews popping up recently, but those seem to be the exception and not the norm. Also, if you haven’t tried buyer’s request you should do that. Don’t rely passively on other people’s searches to get traffic.
  14. Welcome! I’m pretty new myself (a few weeks old) but am lucky enough to have a few orders finished/ongoing. It’s been pretty good, although I’m still debating whether I should start raising prices, since I work a full-time job and putting a lot of effort in for a little money might not be worth it for me. My writing gigs are short story writing, article/blog post writing. I also do editing, proofreading, and transcription work. Sending offers in the buyer’s request section has been really helpful for me personally. Just try to ignore all the spamming sellers, get in there, and use up your 10 daily offers! Hope this was useful. Good luck!
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