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  1. Agreed! All you really need to do is keep producing solid work and keep marketing yourself 🙂 If you’re really bent on keeping in touch, just get the app and keep notifications on. That way you don’t need to hang out all day checking Fiverr, but you’ll also get messages from clients when they come.
  2. Might be my category, but when people post in their own language, they’re looking for someone to do work in that language/translate in that language. Even in the translation categories, though, not a lot of people are posting in other languages, so I think this feature might be overkill 😛
  3. No prob! Truth to be told I only learned Chinese by living in China for years. If I hadn’t gone back, I would definitely be monolingual because I’m lazy and languages are hard 😛 But if you’re committed I’m sure you’ll be able to do it!
  4. Currently reading “Big Breasts and Wide Hips” by Mo Yan, in its original Chinese. It’s not erotica I swear 😃 I haven’t read anything in Chinese for a while so I wanted to keep my reading list balanced. It’s so easy to lose touch with a language if you’re not reading/writing it consistently.
  5. I meant that it’s not an issue, the screen just doesn’t look the same for everyone/for people from different accounts. There’s not much we can do about it 😕
  6. I don’t know if this will necessarily help you sell, but here are some suggestions for your gigs (not an expert, just some observations): Generally, brush up on grammar. Note that generally people use one space after a comma, so that the words don’t look squished together. Also don’t forget to capitalize the first letters of items on your lists. Also, you don’t have to say your offers are exclusively on fiverr.com. That’s kind of implied by the fact that you’re offering them on Fiverr.com 😛 Good luck!
  7. That gig actually looks amazing. I feel like it may work better for something people don’t know they want or need, so it surprises them when they’re scrolling through the forum. Glad you had a good experience though!
  8. Best of luck! I sent around 40 or 50 before getting a response. Some people don’t say anything for days, even weeks. Who knows, maybe they just haven’t seen your message yet 😃
  9. You asked, “does the My Fiverr Gigs section work?” No, the My Fiverr Gigs forum does not guarantee sales. I myself don’t know of any seller that has gained any sales by posting “buy my gigs” adds in that forum. Generally, people just aren’t looking for random services here on the Fiverr forums. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t post there. Maybe you’ll break the mold, and get lucky. If I were you, though, I would do some research and figure out where your target customers are located. Going there (wherever that may be), and telling those people about your services is a much more efficient place, and way, of promoting your gigs. Your target customers (whomever they may be) are the only people who need your services, and, as a result, they are the only people who will purchase from your gigs and make you and services successful. Thanks for the response! I wasn’t really planning on posting there, as currently I’m in an okay place in terms with work and don’t want to overwhelm myself (I’m working full-time over the summer in addition to Fiverring), just curious to see what other people’s stories were 🙂 Yeah, that’s what I figured. Seems like it probably does work for some, but for most it’s better to be more proactive when it comes to selling.
  10. I’m mostly just curious to see if anyone has gotten work out of posting there. By far it seems like the most frequently updated section in the forum, yet most of the posts seem not to get any responses (that we can see, at least). There’s also the fact that most people on the forums appear to be sellers. But yeah. Any success/interesting stories? 😃
  11. Still, this isn’t anything the forum can resolve. Unfortunately you might have to figure it out for yourself 😦
  12. I think this is a problem between you and your client…we can’t really do anything to help you. Try asking them for alternatives?
  13. It’s probably customized for the individual user. Don’t sweat it.
  14. I remember spending all my daily ten for about three or four days before someone responded. Although in my case, I’ve found a bunch of people I send offers to don’t respond until much later, (i.e. a week, even two), so the total response rate was higher. I still send offers, although I’m more apprehensive about doing so because I’m also working a full-time job, and I have some recurring clients. I also try to keep from selling my prices short in custom offers so I can be sure I’m not just spending inordinate amounts of time completing something that will only earn me $5 😕
  15. I have seen your recent delivery is almost 2 years not 2 month This post is two years old.
  16. I mean yes, technically they would have access, but doesn’t that also stand true for all email/messaging app providers across the world? It also just doesn’t seem efficient or productive that they’d just be sorting through every Fiverr user’s messages to look for incriminating things. The “email” thing is automated. There are a number of sensitive words that trigger the system to flag your message. Someone might review it after it’s flagged, but otherwise it’s simply not cost-efficient to have staff devote their time to just sorting through In short, I really doubt that there’s a human actually reading your messages every time they come in and out, so there’s no use in worrying about it.
  17. Nah, I’m a seller. I wouldn’t have to look at buyers request so much if I were a buyer 😛
  18. You didn’t ask that? Anyways, go to the buyers request section and when you finally find a buyer, hoover your mouse over their request. A green button should appear at the right that says “Send Offer,” and after that you know what to do 🙂
  19. No, you should send offers to the buyers and ignore the self-promoting sellers. Only other sellers see them anyways. If you want to get your first order, you have to look past the hordes of spammers in buyers request and send clear, professional responses to the buyers who need work done. That’s what worked for me at least 😛
  20. I think y’all should stop commenting on this thread and open your own threads. Don’t hijack other people’s threads to ask your own questions. Also, there’s so many tips floating around the forum about how to get orders/sell gigs from other people who ask the same question, not to mention Fiverr Academy.
  21. You can only promote yourself in the My Fiverr Gigs category. Doing so in other threads will get you suspended.
  22. Nope. It’s just suspended there if the buyer doesn’t finish giving the requirements. They’re not going to penalize you.
  23. No prob! Happy to see that it’s working, and good luck on Fiverr 🙂
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