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  1. Hmm I see…I guess the Fiverr algorithm works in mysterious ways 😛
  2. No, it says “consecutive months” on the page. Aka two in a row.
  3. I mean, Fiverr has provided us with a convenient platform, with so much business available, and only demands you pay if you actually make money. Personally I think that’s pretty sweet. Obviously no one wants to have to pay up fees like that, but honestly it’s a small cost compared to the big benefits that you get off of working on this platform. For example, I’m a student who’s interested in freelance work, but don’t have the resources to network or get clients. Fiverr helped put me in touch with potential clients, so that I’m actually earning something instead of nothing (both experience and money-wise!) Although some people might have access to those resources and feel like Fiverr is undercutting the money they’re making, in which case it might just not be the right platform for them. Everyone has different needs and things they’re willing to compromise on. For me, the fees are nothing big compared to what I’m getting.
  4. For new sellers, I don’t think paying too much attention to impressions is super productive? I just got most of my work off of buyers request, and some longer-term clients as well 🙂
  5. It’s so frustrating 😕 I feel like I rant about this too much…
  6. Yes. Google translate can work for finding specific words, or alternatives (I basically use it like a synonym machine), but if you’re trying to input whole texts it turns everything into incoherent garbage. Sure, it’s free. But it won’t be worth it in the end because you’ll look very dumb, trying to speak gibberish to people in a certain language. If you’re going to do that, why even provide translations at all?
  7. Haha, you’ll probably want a fresh pair of eyes on your gig to make sure 😛
  8. I think you might have to be a little more specific about what makes each gig package distinct from another? Aka: “I’ll offer a critique at this price point!” Just saying “higher level” might not be specific enough. You mention “colors and layout” in your description, but since you only specified proofreading and not reformatting I’m not sure that’s going to be something you’re encountering that much? Also, this might just be a personal thing, but I think the gig description shouldn’t just be you describing how you’ll edit someone’s work. Most editing and proofreading follows the same procedure, so I doubt your buyers need to learn about that. Maybe just promise a great end product and talk about your qualifications?
  9. I think it does have potential as an ice cream name. "Yummiest vocabulary! Get yours today! 😃 "
  10. I dunno, “yummiest vocabulary” sounds a little too yummy for my taste! 😅
  11. Yes, that is the exact same I think of fiverr 😄 Even though maybe working as a freelancer in the future would be cool too 😏 Yes! I’ve been considering working as a freelancer as well, but wanted to test out the waters while I’m still in school. Fiverr is great for that. It’s a flawed platform, but still very convenient (and great for beginners!) compared to the other options I’ve looked at.
  12. Thanks! It’s a small start, but I’ll take what I can get haha
  13. I think that the assumption is that you should figure out and research promotion methods on your own? Everyone’s circumstances are different, so you can’t exactly expect people to give tailored advice that works best for you. You gotta figure that out on your own 😛
  14. Buyers have up to a month after the order completes to leave a review. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the most helpful tidbit, as I’m a seller and don’t know how it works on the buyer’s side. I’m assuming going to the order page again will show you a “leave feedback” thing, as that’s where we go to respond to their reviews. Maybe try that? Also, don’t get too freaked out about being annoying to your buyer. If they’re messaging you about giving you a good review, suggesting possible methods to do that is not “troubling”. As long as you don’t spam them a ton of messages per day it should be fine.
  15. Thank you all! I don’t know why this got pinned, but I’m not going to question it 😛
  16. Yay! I leveled up on my 30th day here! Originally I was just looking to earn a quick buck when not working at my summer job, but I’ve actually found Fiverr to be a really rewarding experience. I’m usually pretty lazy when it comes to personal projects like writing or translation, despite being good at meeting external deadlines. So adding one and one together, I realized I should come online and try to sell my skills, so that I could force myself to gain experience in fields I’m interested in working in (I’m a student) while earning some money out of it. Since my academic degree is in something comparatively useless, I’ve always had this feeling I wouldn’t be able to support myself in the future. Who’d pay for writing from an underqualified college student, after all? Compared to the top talent here in the forum, of course, I haven’t actually earned that much. But it’s enough for me to be cautiously hopeful about having salable skills for the future, and preparing for the real world. TLDR: Thanks to Fiverr for forcing me to break out of my bubble and practice my skills in somewhat gainful employment 😛 Also, the forum has been great as well. I get a kick out of hanging out here with y’all. 🙂 Stay awesome, everyone!
  17. This also isn’t really helping your case. Try a different profile picture?
  18. Maybe you should take the smileys out of your gig description? Apparently some people consider it to be unprofessional. Also clean up some of the grammar in the first small paragraph, and you should be good to go!
  19. I received one from the same person! Also reported them but they seem to still be there 😦
  20. Yeah, this is why I don’t remind buyers to leave a review. If they were unhappy with my work I’d rather just leave it at that; if they liked me enough they’ll review. (Obviously if they really hated it they also would, but that hasn’t happened yet so fingers crossed 🙏)
  21. Are you saying they’re not leaving reviews? You can’t really do anything about that, unfortunately.
  22. My boyfriend texted this to me when I was at work and I was actually just shocked. He was so young too. I haven’t been following LP as much recently, but their music was among one of the first things I listened to that wasn’t just stuff from my mom’s iPod… Thanks for the link too. I hope it helps people out if they need it.
  23. I don’t think that’s how revisions work…you should probably charge him separately. Revisions would be if he wanted a different color for the same one, but this is him wanting three for the price of one. He should have specified that when he was ordering. But that’s just my personal opinion. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  24. @digipixtrooper That’s interesting…you sure it wasn’t a case of you having sent an offer and then forgetting about it? That’s happened to me a bunch of times lol. (I don’t want to get too OT in this thread, please spare me kind mods 😂)
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