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  1. @imon13bworkshop I think that her point is that she can’t make a gig 😂 If you’ve already tried all the usual advice (refreshing, clearing cache, different browsers, etc.), maybe try contacting customer support? It could just be a legit glitch on your end.
  2. Umm that’s exactly what he’s doing. He just said he earned a lot and he’s really happy about it. That’s Fiverr-related. Also, it’s totally allowed. See the Conversations category description: “The Conversations category is a kind of catch-all for discussion that doesn’t fit in another category. This is a good category for talk about non-Fiverr or Fiverr-related discussion. You are welcome to write about your experiences on and offline, hobbies, ideas, and anything else that doesn’t break the forum rules or other community guidelines. This category is not the place for advertising or requests for gig help. It may also help to read this topic about the Conversations category.”
  3. Actually, the forum is made for both. Hence the whole section of the forum called “Conversations”. People are perfectly free to open up casual discussions.
  4. I feel like I keep saying this, but buyers request. Also promoting your gig. @maxphotomaster Yeah, but it comes off as hijacking someone else’s thread. Also, they were asking for specific feedback, while you just noted a problem that you were experiencing personally.
  5. Please don’t hijack other people’s threads. In the case of your question, I think you would find a lot of help by just searching the forum. Many new sellers have had the same concerns that you have.
  6. For the drive unlimited web traffic one: you spelled unlimited wrong in the title. Also, brushing up your grammar would be good. Saying “Don’t forget to boost with service extras!” seems like you’re trying to upsell them from the start. Even if you are, don’t make that obvious. For the iPhone one: this service seems way too specific. If you have photoshopping/image editing skills, why not try to offer something more general so that more people might need it? Also: "BONOUS :-send me a positive feedback and i will put your logo in superhero picture ." Typos aside, this comes off as begging for positive reviews, which you shouldn’t be doing. Hope that helped!
  7. No problem! I personally didn’t really promote myself that much, as I’m a student and my “professional network” mostly consists of other broke students 😛 You might have to search around for other posts on the forum that address that better. Sorry I couldn’t help more!
  8. No prob! It’s under the “Selling” tab. For some people it can also show up as “Send Quotes”.
  9. I know you might have gotten this before, but have you tried buyers request? It helped me a lot when I didn’t have any reviews 🙂
  10. You can report him. If you click the “Report” flag icon on the right of the message, a few options should pop up. One of them is blocking the user in question so that you won’t receive further messages. I’m pretty sure in this case you should both report them and block them, as this person seems to be engaging in straight-up spam.
  11. Experiences on Fiverr can range from amazing to terrible, for both buyers and sellers alike. The truth of it is that it’s such a huge platform that it’s really difficult to sum up what interacting with people here is like. There are great services at a high price, and terrible services at a high price. There are also amazing services and terrible services alike at low prices. It’s incredibly diverse as a marketplace. I can’t really speak to how graphics works, as that’s not my field 😛 Of course, nothing beats one-on-one personal service. But for some people it can be difficult to provide/purchase that kind of service, whether because of price, location, or some other reason. Tips are usually reserved for when you think a seller has performed really well or you just really like the service/seller for whatever reason. Since you weren’t that impressed by the final product, don’t feel pressured to give one. Hope that was helpful, and best of luck if you do choose to continue using Fiverr 🙂 It’s great for some, and not so much for others, buyers and sellers alike.
  12. It’s only fair though. Everyone gets their day in the limelight. You can’t really argue for them just keeping the same few sellers on the top all the time.
  13. Hmm. Do you know what category your gig is in? Maybe it’s just not a super popular category? Also, you can change the categories displayed for buyers request in the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen. You could try switching from “All” to the specific one for your gig to see if that fixes it?
  14. I think they’re talking about the situation where even if you do reply on time, Fiverr still lowers your response rate. If I remember correctly, this has been a bug that’s been around for a while now 😦 hasn’t happened to me personally, but I feel like a few similar posts have cropped up a while back. Really sucks that we can’t do anything about these recurring bugs.
  15. Also, even if you’re going by “traditional” metrics, getting a lot of orders doesn’t really mean much. I used to have a higher amount of orders on average, but they were all for $5 gigs. Now I only do 2-3 a week because they’re in batches and are for a higher amount. (It does mean fewer reviews, but I can’t really force my customers to do five separate orders over the span of a week when one custom order would do the trick 😂)
  16. It’s under the selling tab! Also, the name might have been changed to “Send Quote.” (Still shows as buyers request for me, although Fiverr supposedly has changed it already 😕 )
  17. I feel like it depends on your priorities. Some people might not be willing to just cancel an order if they need the money at the moment, and others might decide to prioritize their reputation over the pay for a project. (Of course it’s probably different for sellers with hundreds or thousands of reviews, who can probably ford a few bad reviews here or there. It’s kind of an exaggeration to say that a single negative review would destroy anyone’s freelancing career.) I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not a black-and-white issue.
  18. zazi_developer is right. I’m a pretty new seller, and so far all of the buyers I’ve gotten are off of buyers request. Most of them have become repeat buyers as well, so I’ve been lucky in that regard. But yeah, don’t stop sending offers just because you see 8 other people have already done it. If yours is exactly what the buyer needs, they will take you up on it. Have confidence in your gig and yourself 🙂 (Given all the stipulations I’ve been seeing on there from buyers recently, it seems like most of the offers they get aren’t all that great anyways. So go for it! You’ll never succeed if you don’t try.)
  19. Yeah, honestly it’s the worst. Sometimes I send a “cease and desist” kind of message as an offer to let them know they should cut it out. I’ve never gotten any response, positive or negative, so I guess they’re still out there 😛
  20. I think someone made a poll about this quite a while ago, but we still never got the function. Fiverr Forum Poll - Report-Button for 'Buyers Request'We need a Report-Button for BR to report spamming sellers. We need a Report-Button for BR to report illegal/against TOS/shady buyer requests. We need a Report-Button for BR to report both of the above. 0voters Choose up to 3 options Votes are... Reading time: 5 mins ? Likes: 201 ❤ Pretty sure it’s this one?
  21. Nah, it’s fine! Just seemed like a lot of effort on your part 🙂 It’s not much of a mistake either, it’s just that typing like that might put some people off haha
  22. We’ve talked about this, but you need to come at this problem in a different way. Instead of saying “Hey, I need someone to fix this problem for me”, you need to go out there and say “Hey everyone, here are the skills I have to offer to you.” It’s reciprocality. No one is obliged to help you out here, because as a seller you’re going to need to help others out first.
  23. If you set your username, that’s what it will show. It’s not really a big deal, your username isn’t even super unprofessional. Also, you don’t have to capitalize the first letter of every word 😛 It seems like a big hassle too!
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