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  1. It’s not too late to leave feedback when the order is completed. In fact, your buyer has 30 days after that to leave a review. Some people tend not to, though, and disappear into the ether after you deliver. Others leave reviews every time. It’s probably half-and-half.
  2. I think you misunderstood what I meant. You’re supposed to use your own work for sample images. I was just pointing out that you were using someone else’s art, which is misrepresenting yourself and your portfolio. Why not let your clients see your own skill level instead of someone else’s?
  3. Yes. It’s not allowed, as it’s dishonest and doesn’t reflect the true skill level of the seller. Also, I like how you didn’t even try to tweak the text on this. Try using your own work? https://www.canva.com/templates/book-covers/MACBTyJGXXY-purple-paint-strokes-abstract-art-creativity-book-cover/
  4. If people haven’t actually purchased your gigs, you can’t get reviews on them. Maybe work towards getting buyers first?
  5. I might be mistaken, but I think some sellers charge extra for vector files? If you communicated that and they agreed but still didn’t deliver, then that really sucks and I’m sorry. Just wanted to throw out the idea that if communication wasn’t clear then maybe the seller wasn’t expecting that they had to deliver the vector file.
  6. I mean, they’re hypothetical talent. You could do them, it’s just that you haven’t 😛
  7. I feel like that’s analogous to me saying: "Hey, I could have written this Jane Austen novel, and our styles are similar, so here’s her novel as an example of what I can do!" Only your work actually represents you. If you already have a sample up there that you did on your own, why not just add another?
  8. A suggestion: I just checked out your profile. You should separate translation and writing into separate gigs. You might even want to do a different gig for each type of writing so you can better outline your expertise in each in the gig descriptions and offer different prices depending on the services, but that’s YMMV. Also, what do you mean when you say that you write exhibitions? I’m interning at a museum at the moment, and I have yet to see any exhibitions being written 😛
  9. Try searching “SEO” or “SEO expert” on Fiverr, and see what other people are offering. If you want to create a gig, you should try doing some research on your own first 😉
  10. That’s not very helpful for this thread. He asked a specific question that’s not answered by “becoming a top-rated seller”. I’m pretty sure the situation you described is okay, but I’m not 100% sure. Maybe someone else in the forum could answer this (and the Level 6 thing, although since that was back in 2013 I’m not sure how relevant it is right now).
  11. Yep! I think that would be great. If you were able to gain clients through the other two, you might be able to also direct them to your idea-generating/helping service for future projects. Of course, it’d be even better if you also had a gig to do with creative writing so consultation would be an obvious next step 😉
  12. Yeah, exactly! I feel like if you could give a bullet point list of ways you could help people develop/improve their stories, and it looked convincing enough, you might be able to do it?
  13. Hmm, that’s true. It’s not quite criticism. Again, though, I feel it’s kind of difficult to find customers who are coming on here looking for that? Most people are either here for editing or writing, both of which are more quantifiable. Aside from people looking for beta readers, of course, but you’d have to actually read/edit a story for that as well. It’s not that it’s a bad idea, I’m just a little concerned about its viability on a platform like Fiverr, where people are usually looking for something very specific and well-established. I’m not sure though. Anyone else in the forum with input?
  14. It sounds interesting, but I don’t know if that’s super marketable unless you have some kind of exceptional experience in publishing/writing. You could say that you offer critique, maybe?
  15. Welcome to Fiverr! I feel like you’d have to be a little more specific first? If you can’t decide exactly what services you’re offering, you probably won’t be able to sell customers on what you’re doing. Having a clear idea of what you bring to the table with your gig is crucial. If you can’t voice it in a convincing way, it’s not going to sound convincing to anyone else either.
  16. 😃 Thanks for making me laugh. I would have sore fingers if I did that, especially since I tend to type way more than I need to. I have a hard time reading sentences like that too, but that might just be me. Nah, it’s definitely not just you. For titles I barely notice it; but when it comes to normal text, it feels like you’re emphasizing each word equally. Which makes my head hurt when I try to read things in my mind 😅 I don’t want to get too OT, so here’s my attempt at making this relevant! My mom heard I was working on Fiverr, so she searched me up by category because she didn’t know my username. Apparently for a while I was on the front page of either creative writing or short stories, which doesn’t make much sense as I wasn’t even Level One at that point. No idea how they sort these things, but for someone who’s coming in as an outsider you’d think Fiverr would want to show them sellers with good ratings AND a lot of sales. Seems pretty weird, tbh.
  17. When you put it like that, it’s really a case of damned if they do, damned if they don’t. If they do nothing the algorithm is screwed; if they experiment, everyone is immediately on their case for changing things. You can’t really blame them, but you also can’t blame sellers for wanting to protect their livelihood (for those who do work on Fiverr full time, at least). Not really agreeing/disagreeing with you, just making some observations. (Also, doesn’t typing with each word’s first letter capitalized get tiring? 😛 )
  18. Unfortunately no one can help you with that, not even CS. You’re going to have to figure it out on your own.
  19. TL:DR: They can’t help you. You’re going to have to remember your security question. They’re recommending that you use the phone verification that I’m assuming you set up when you first made your account. If you don’t have that, they can’t tell you your security question.
  20. Hmm…I’m just guessing here, but maybe they got banned? But yeah, I’d recommend doing what cyaxrex suggested 🙂
  21. That’s a notification, not a message.I’m assuming you blocked the person and this came up in response. If that’s the case, no need to take action.
  22. That’s always the problem with buyers request. You just have to pick out the few actual buyers and send them well-written offers. Good luck 🙂
  23. They can seem a little disorganized, but generally you’ll find helpful advice in the “Tips for Sellers” section, and also by utilizing the search function. Good luck with everything! It’s always nice to see a fellow writer and proofreader/editor on here. I wish I could give you more tips, but as someone who’s definitely not a “pro” in any capacity, I can’t really play expert either 😛
  24. Welcome to Fiverr! You sound like a really talented person, so you should have no problem setting up gigs. It’s really mostly about what you yourself are comfortable doing, as people in the forum can’t really help you decide what services you might offer 😛 I’d recommend you check out Fiverr Academy first, and also search the forum for past posts about similar topics. There have been a lot of sellers who’ve asked for advice starting out and received really good pointers.
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