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  1. Yeah you are right I also have more than one source of income but what will happen if someone has lots of money in his account and then his account is blocked what he will do in this situation. As we have send the request to Fiverr so let’s see what they will react to it

    The money will be released after 90 days if the account remains blocked.

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  2. The thing about translation is that depending on your language, the demand for translations might not be super consistent.

    I would add more to your translation gig’s gig description. It seems a bit brief. If you’re a translator, you should also be a good writer–show that to your clients in the description and let them know exactly what you’re offering!

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  3. It is a bit disappointing. I’ve gotten multiple messages from people interested in my gig, but when they ask for a final offer with a price (I don’t think my gig is that unreasonable) they flake out and turn radio silent after I make my offer and send it to them. How do I deal with people like this? Is there something wrong with me? They practically beg me to make a custom offer and then run. I’m not understanding it and it is making me question why I’m even here if people are sending messages and then flake out like that.

    It happens sometimes. People are just cheap.

    Is there something wrong with me?

    Nah, it’s definitely not a you problem. Just ignore them and move on.

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  4. yes i do pro logo design and there is no jock about that ! people still can choose less ‘‘pricy’’ variation if they want to go with ''fastfood-- logo design 😛

    Priciness isn’t a problem within itself, but it just seems inconsistent within your gig pricing because of how big the difference is from the $5 basic package. Is the concept really only worth 1/199 of what the final pro product is worth?

    Other than that, I’d add more of your own sample logos. If you’re trying to entice people to spend that amount of money without having a ton of reviews to your name, you need to show them more of what they’re getting into.

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