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  1. OK This is borderline intentional stupidity. ( Just had to delete about 200 words of my Irate tirade). It ook me at least 7 attempts to set up my direct deposit. I Guess I need to know how to go back in and change the security question I used when I was setting up my direct deposit account. The choice of questions was the stupiest thing I have ever seen…

    What is my fathers’ birthday? Really??? Can 1 in a 1000 people answer that question?

    What was my favorite collage professor’s name? You won’t believe this; I didn’t go to collage.

    Every question I was offered was equally as stupid and useless. **************************************************************************

    it wasn’t going allow me to complete the form if I didn’t pick one of the inane questions it was offering me

    Needless to say if I am ever to have need of any of this info it’s going to be totally useless to me because I’ll have no idea what it’s asking for.

    Is there anyone sane working at Fiverr?

    Can I change this security question. I’ve already got an hour and a 1/2 into this operation.

    I’d really like to be finished with this nonsense before the day is out.

    Mod Note: Some text removed for security concern

    What is my fathers’ birthday? Really??? Can 1 in a 1000 people answer that question?

    Wait, is that not a thing that most people know?

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  2. Yeah, but that’s what the company name was based on.

    Now it’s like anything else - either go somewhere else to find a better price, or

    at least another vendor to get more for the money.


    either go somewhere else to find a better price, or

    at least another vendor to get more for the money.

    I would contend that price isn’t everything. Sometimes more expensive gigs can be worth the price.

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  3. Eh, I’d be hesitant to demand that a company stay the same as it was in the past. Times change.

    Also, there are more than enough sellers offering services for $5 already, so many that you probably wouldn’t even have to delve into sellers offering services for more than that if you didn’t want to. The existence of things like extras would make a $5 minimum moot anyways.

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  4. Hey somaginer, thanks for replying!

    I had thought about that, but I don’t see how I could do it, considering the 1.200 characters limit in the description, which I barely fit in just with the English one.

    Edit: or, did you maybe refer to the description about me as a person?

    Nah, I was talking about the gig description.

    I see, I personally didn’t have that problem since I didn’t go into my process or anything (also, Chinese is a much “briefer” language in terms of characters). I guess it’s up to you then 😛

  5. I actually like your gigs a lot. I’m not an expert in graphic design so I can’t say anything about the design itself, but I think your descriptions are pretty good. If I were you I might not include “high school student” in your tagline just because I feel like people will make assumptions based on that, but otherwise I think you’re good.

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  6. I would say drop your prices for the first few orders at least, although that’s also entirely up to you.

    Also, putting your writing sample into your gig images instead of the body of your description would be a good idea. The body of your description should ideally be more convincing: why should someone pick you over all the sellers who are already on Fiverr?

    You’re a writer, so I’m sure you can convince them with words 😉

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  7. I feel like the art style you’re using in the pictures is very specific. I’d recommend changing the title to reflect that (e.g. minimalist portraits or something like that).

    If you still want to have a general art gig, it would be more helpful if you showed more examples that weren’t just this style.

  8. misscrystal did offer some advice, which I agree with. It’s really a personal choice when it comes to staying or leaving.

    The scam thing isn’t super common. While I’ve received some messages about opening accounts on other platforms, it hasn’t really been to that degree.

    I will say that it’s a lot tougher to get going here with legitimate clients than it was when I started because of the whole buyer request filtering thing, so if you already have other platforms and whatnot then I wouldn’t put so much into Fiverr.

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