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  1. You mention certain skills that you don’t have gigs for in your profile description (e.g. writing and editing). I’d suggest removing them. Also, it seems like your profile description starts over twice (in the middle where you say “Hi there”, it seems like it’s a completely new start). That could be confusing and put off potential clients. I don’t understand why you have multiple T-shirt gigs that seem to be offering the same thing. It’s good to offer a specialized gig such as your mother’s day one, but since it’s only really applicable once a year I’d say get rid of that.
  2. It’s up to you to decide whether that’s okay or not. It’s your account.
  3. No need to get frustrated with me, I understand your plight! If you actually read my comment, you’d see that I suggested a way to get around leaving a review 🙂
  4. Hmm, is it obvious from the gig what type of work it is? If not, you can just leave a general review. I don’t think you can leave a tip without leaving a review, unless maybe you negotiate with the seller about purchasing an empty tip gig and letting the order close on its own.
  5. I don’t know, don’t we all? Not at all. I’ve never shared before 😛
  6. That sounds like unofficial information. …which is not very convincing coming from me, but misscrystal here is an actual TRS, so…
  7. $30 enough? or more High? Little late to the party, amirite? The only place to learn official information about becoming a TRS is here: https://www.fiverr.com/levels
  8. Yeah, it’s lucrative but not the best thing to put on your resume. Either way, I’d say it doesn’t hurt to offer an editing/proofreading gig for now (maybe even a beta reading one if you’re so inclined?) and see what bites. You’ll have a leg up over a lot of people offering proofreading services on here who just use Grammarly to scan through things.
  9. Eh, it’s okay. I’ve gotten more sales from my short story gig, despite that one being less versatile. A lot of people expect me to drop my prices very low because they undervalue editing, so I’ve had to turn away a lot of people. What does seem to draw a lot of clients is rewriting/rewording content. I think your gig looks fine, although I’d personally not use your profile picture as the gig image since that’s a repeat of something already visible to your buyers.
  10. Honestly, I doubt that. Also, is it worth making the main site more of a cesspool just to save the forum?
  11. Yeah, but there will always be more coming in. Have you seen all the forum posts by new sellers that are posted every single day?
  12. Even so, there are so many new sellers coming and going constantly that there would be a steady flow of free work for buyers to take advantage of. It wouldn’t be good for any of the sellers individually, and would make building up a profile even more difficult.
  13. Are you suggesting that they add this as a function? That’s a lot of effort on their part for no gain. Plus, I’d rather work with buyers who are at least willing to shell out $5 for some work rather than nothing. This feels suspiciously like bribing them to leave better reviews with free work.
  14. Doing assignments is against the TOS here, unfortunately.
  15. Yeah, it’s all good! There might be a phone number, but I don’t think it’s the best way to reach support. I believe that the link that offlinehelpers supplied should be your best bet. Good luck!
  16. I’m talking about the forum members, not your sellers. Of course he’s supposed to be helping you. But if he’s not doing his job, then I guess cancellation is the only option.
  17. You can just say thank you. To be fair, he did say thanks. He just doesn’t appreciate levity, which is…justifiable? I don’t know. @davidwellons Keep in mind, though, that none of us are obligated to help you. The best thing we can do is give you suggestions that you can choose to follow–or not. If you want actual help, though, go to CS; they’ll help you out as they see fit!
  18. If he’s complaining about going to bed, then I guess at least he’s communicating some? On a more serious note, this forum is for buyers and sellers. Actual Fiverr employees don’t visit here much. There should be a link to support at the bottom of the main page of Fiverr. Also, if the order is cancelled, you’ll get your money back.
  19. I didn’t suggest any course of action for you to take, so I don’t quite know what you’re talking about doing twice here.
  20. Also, any inconsistencies between “I, me, mine, my” and “we, our, us” etc. That’s a pretty strong hint that someone has copy-pasted the bio of a more successful seller.
  21. It’s your choice, really. There’s no absolute number. Personally I waited until 50, but that’s up for debate.
  22. Not just the voice, don’t forget the song as well!
  23. Raising your prices may work. I’ve found that I get a lot less shady/illegitimate orders after raising my prices, although this might only work after a certain amount of reviews.
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