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  1. 国庆佳节喜洋洋,红红灯笼亮堂堂。烟花带笑福飞扬,好运送到你身旁。莫管岁月短或长,快乐钻进你心房。好事到来别着忙,好运陪你永飞翔。国庆快乐! 😀

    我现在好馋中国菜 🤤

    (English translation for those involved: I’m craving some of that Chinese food rn)

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  2. Smiles, that is my weak point. I rarely find it easy to pick out my own errors. I’m more than pretty good in discovering others own​:grin:😁

    😅 Help me friend…

    :shopping: I bought you all these.

    I’ve never had anyone buy me emojis before, so I guess that’s a first.

    As a writer, you really should get better at proofreading your own work, though. A lot of buyers can get nitpicky if you have typos in your finished product.

    “These includes” is incorrect. It should be either “These include” or “this includes”.

    Also, some of the turns of phrases come off a bit stiff. “Fixing your gaze on the right gig” sounds odd, etc.

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  3. I’m a new seller. I joined Fiverr this month. I realized that Fiverr is all about competition. I’m also starting my career as a writer. And I’m good enough to write a complete novel without any kind of grammatical errors and with a good vocabulary. Can I get a special advice to make me shine in this website?

    without any kind of grammatical errors and with a good vocabulary

    I feel like that’s not enough qualification to be a writer. Plenty of people have great grammar, but that doesn’t mean that they can be professional writers. Having good grammar is a requirement, but by no means guarantees you success.

    Try showing some kind of talent in your gig descriptions and so forth. What are your strengths as a writer? Play to those.

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  4. mam . I gave hime 1 review as mentioned in my gig. Now he is expecting much more than his price. Order completed but still payment pending on clearance. He is saying that he will complian if I refused to fix his requirements. Kindly guide me . I have not anyexperience of fiverr. This was my first order

    Again, it’s completely up to you. No one else can fix your problems but you. All of us started from the same place, and no one should count on anyone else for one-on-one guidance. It’s your situation, and even if any one of us came up with a potential “solution”, it still might not help you.

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