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  1. that’s how i used to do it. every buyer request i respond will have a custom letter coming from me introducing who i am and what i can do for them. unfortunately, 0 bites ever since i joined fiverr. i then tried using templated text as my response, again 0 bites. all in all, i no longer waste my time with buyer requests 😛
  2. That’s the challenge you’re going to have to figure out. Take some time to research the other gigs in your gig categories, observe what they do, and figure out how YOU can offer something better. Figure out how YOU can offer a better product or service than they do. hi again! thank you for the feedback! i agree that i should be doing something unique to differentiate myself from the other artists out there. it’s something for me to think about. on a different “aspect” of my profile, are the wordings / content of my gigs enticing or sensible enough for potential buyers to understand? i want to get feedback from you guys. lastly, somewhat out of topic but, i just got my first sale last night! talk about timing haha! i’ve delivered the product and am now waiting for the buyer to “complete” the order. thanks for the help!
  3. hi! thanks for the input! unfortunately, the services i offer are the only skills i have that i can offer online. i can create a bespoke lamp for you but that’s a physical product that i should sell on a different platform haha! i admit that graphic designers are ABUNDANT in FIVERR. But how do i make a Brochure / flyer / invite gig unique in a sea of the same products? it is what it is (does that make sense?).
  4. Hi everyone! i’ve been in FIVERR for 2 months and haven’t been able to get 1 sale yet. Can someone help me out with my profile and gigs? https://www.fiverr.com/ian_jimenez you might see something i need to improve. thanks a lot for the help!
  5. like the title says, are the 2 related? i currently have a 50% response rate because i did not reply to a spammer. the user has now been ban-hammered from Fiverr hehe and i have no way to reply. and now, i have a 50% response rate due to no fault of mine. i’ve already raised to CS so i hope this is resolved soon. for the users out there, are impressions and response rate related? the lower response rate, the lower the impressions?
  6. hi @jonbaas - what i meant was to delete my old gig, and then create a new one with new tags, descriptions, etc. also, i’m not sure what you mean about having no control over impressions. isn’t the number of impressions related to how good your SEO is in the gig?
  7. hi all! quick question - i’ve been here for almost about 2 weeks and i’ve been reading a lot about how to improve gigs. basically, i want to ask if it’ll be better to delete a gig or to update a gig to increase the gig’s impressions. my point is that i’m new here and i haven’t gotten any completed orders yet. my old gigs are decreasing in impressions and i can’t see an upward trend compared to the first 3 days i’ve had my gigs up originally. will updating my gig (tags, description, title, etc.) increase its impressions? or will it be better to delete the old gigs and create a new one? i have no reviews in my old gigs so it’s OK for me to let go of the old gigs. any thoughts?
  8. have you been using the buyer request function?
  9. hm, so there’s no real way to know if the request has been closed or not. Fiverr shuold easily be able to update this feature. it seems like such a basic need for the sellers.
  10. is there any way to find out if a request from the “Send Quotes” section has already been closed? i’ve sent out a total of 22 replies to buyer requests and i have no idea if the request has been resolved or if the buyer has even read my pitch. any insight? thanks!
  11. Thank you everyone for the replies! @offlinehelpers - i zipped it up but it still exceeded the allowable upload size. i’ve accepted the cancellation after weighing the pros and cons of doing so. and as @lisabaarns mentioned, i’ll write this off to experience and education. thanks again!
  12. thanks for the replies! i forgot to add that the buyer said that i had “freedom” with my design so i could design it how i’d want. then he comes back to me saying that he doesn’t like it with no proper feedback. sucks! anyway, @fonthaunt, i see that you’re a mod… maybe you can help me out? i’m new here and i’d like to know if this is proper “etiquette” in sending out deliveries. This is the only way i see that i can protect myself in the future. Deliver low-res files with water marks to the buyer instead of the final files (for now)Ask the buyer for written approval of the design, to tag the order as “completed”, and to fairly rate my gigOnce the design is approved, the gig is completed, and buyer has fairly rated my gig, that’s the only time i send over the final high-res files without watermarks thru fiverr or thru dropboxyour thoughts?
  13. what happens when i decline the cancellation? will it eventually “Complete” within the next 3 days if it isn’t resolved? also, when i decline cancellation and he finally “Completes” the gig, he’ll eventually give me a low rating, right? that’s the only drawback i see if i push back with his cancellation.
  14. well, it’s finally happened. i uploaded the files thru dropbox and the fiverr uploader. the buyer has my files and cancelled the order without giving any reason why. he just basically said “it’s not for me. i cancel order”. i sent a message asking for feedback on why he didn’t like it (i haven’t accepted the cancellation yet). any advice on what to do next? thanks!
  15. Thanks for the advice, Vapes! i’ll keep this in mind when i have a simpler project i can easily and practically watermark and re-edit for final delivery 🙂
  16. hi Sellers! i basically need to upload a large file that does not fit the regular FIVERR delivery upload size limit. i’ve read here that we can use dropbox / wetransfer / google drive to upload large files and then send the URL to the buyer for download. my questions is - how do you protect yourself from getting your work downloaded, the buyer bailing out on you, and you not getting paid? is this just a mutual trust thing?
  17. Hi Woofy! how do you protect yourself from getting scammed if you send all the files through a 3rd party application? do you setup an agreement that the buyer first pays / completes the gig and then you send the dropbox / wetransfer link? thanks for the help!
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