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  1. It depends on your gig I mean current demanding services that almost are searching. ex: Elementor pro service (for web)
  2. when have you noticed that your gig gone to the last page?
  3. Don’t worry @jhinxmaster you must get an order soon.
  4. Hello @dadajack I am not sure. But if you have money in your account you can try to withdraw.
  5. Welcome to Fiverr @furur9 You will find similar topic how to improve my gig in this forum. Thanks
  6. I did one time, when I created fiverr account. Before posting you can search on youtube maybe you will get better way. Its easy just copy the link and paste in your Linkedin account. But getting targeted buyer is your main concern.
  7. Big Congratulations New Level winner 👏
  8. Congratulations @web_expert_jony. Before getting an order please be confident on your job. As a new seller it’s important I think.
  9. I have started my journey with the best buyer with the best review. I wanna continue. Thanks All
  10. try to create another 4 gig properly. and share your gig on social media
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