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  1. That’s a very essential part. Thanks @design_visionar
  2. Try to build a social network and use free method gain organic followers then move on paid method.
  3. Welcome to the Fiverr @akaissa. Promote your gig to an accurate audience through social media share and post your services.
  4. That would be a great opportunity for 10 people
  5. Find fb group depending on your service, engage with them and share your service not direct link, post on twitter, LinkedIn.
  6. Share your gig on social media with a better title and work demo.
  7. yes, Fiverr give you that chance, start with the best services that you know.
  8. You will get “Buyer request” sudden time in a day you have to catch that time and send as much as possible
  9. You will get few buyer they are not interested to give review or they don’t have enough time, you should not request to give a review as you didn’t request to give tip but you already got it, so wait if you are lucky maybe you will get it. My real experience: I am still working with on of my best buyer, and 20+ order already have done but I have gotten only 4/5 reviews and it was after humble request that time i realize and then I didn’t request anymore but we are still working together. Its totally depends on buyer.
  10. Please check your gig either active or not. Gig Active859×617 45 KB
  11. @sr_designz00 [Guide] How to Rank Your Gig for Better Results on Fiverr
  12. Welcome @mahfujmr I hope you will be going great in fiverr.
  13. Very Welcome @sathi_cc to this community. Best of luck.
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