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  1. UGHHH i feel like i doubt my career as a graphic designer i feel like i suck. I try sharing my gig I just get nothing.

    Graphic Design now a days is high demand, if you search “logo design” “looking” in twitter you will get job post every hour apply their direct dm share your gig link. It will work I believe.

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  2. Everyday you will get 10 buyer request you must utilize it proper way, read their requirements if you understand and can do this then send them offer and write a smart offer not like " I can do this job, please give it to me" write like how you will do this job explain it. If you are from bangladesh try to catch 3:00 AM to 9:00 AM I hope you will get a job within 7 days. Thanks

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  3. Your Response Rate is calculated over the course of the last 60 days. So, as time passes, your old messages will become older than 60 days, and hence they will no longer be included in your Response Rate. Thus, you might experience that your Response Rate will decrease even as you receive no new messages.

    Try calculating your Response Rate over the last 60 days for yourself to see if it doesn’t add up.

    Thanks @vibronx I have noticed that If I get new message and reply within a minute response rate increase

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  4. Everything is normal. I have a fixed buyer each week I get order by custom order create. Right now I don’t get any new buyer text that’s why I don’t need to reply to their text. 24/7 I am active on Fiverr App. But why is my Response Rate reducing? Now 91% which was 92% a few minutes ago. Please let me rid of this issue. Thanks All

  5. that is the question i am asking here why my gig has been removed suddenly without any warnings? it says “Your Gig requires modification - NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)”

    it’s from a cover i made 2+years ago. i always ask buyer for permission of sharing image in my portfolio. and it was shared after permission was asked. the only thing i did was to recreate the image in better quality style which i am trying to offer here because i am not getting any business recently (because of search algorithm issue). it was in my gig for over 2 years and now they decided that it is not a orignal image or designer! i even have complete video where i am drawing that cover.

    i can’t find that exact order number anymore because i have done over 6000+orders and i can’t search each one for that image. (i forwarded source-file, video screenshots and other details to fiverr hope they can restore my gig)

    This is really upsetting for a seller I hope Fiverr will look up this problem.

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