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  1. That’s true, although as you mentioned, I do in-fact count each percussive element as a different instrument, but even then I’ve never really pushed past 20-30 instruments. I might try experimenting with this. Thanks for taking the time to respond! :)) I guess you could put 25, but if an instrumental calls for you to provide a few more (or if you’ve already got your 25, but the client REALLY wants more cowbell!) you could always just provide them. Like you say, it’s avoiding the word ‘Unlimited’ wherever possible I think.
  2. Hey, As someone who also produces beats (albeit I don’t sell them on Fiverr), I’d say your current method of ditching ‘unlimited’ and capping it at 25 makes sense. The word ‘unlimited’ makes me twitchy on Fiverr… as you say, some buyers see the word ‘unlimited’ and see that as an invitation to exploit. And honestly, unless you’re doing orchestral scoring, 25 instruments is A LOT of different sounds to be blending together. Most hip hop beats have only got a handful of instruments covering the melody/sub-melody… I guess if you count each drum/percussive element as a different instrument that might push the number up a bit, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I used 25 instruments in a beat (and I make the same genre as you do). I’d say differentiating your packages with things like the trackouts/stems, and maybe even having an option with/without commercial rights would be a better way to go.
  3. To be honest, any seller from any country, pretending to operate from somewhere else in order to cheat the system, deserves to lose their account, so this sounds like a good thing to me?
  4. Where have you heard this? Accounts get demoted all the time if sellers are failing to perform at the required metrics… what have you heard that’s out of the ordinary?
  5. I loved that video! I kind of want to keep it on-file as a reply to the next prospect who asks for a free sample from us! 😉
  6. I think you need to include some kind of portfolio with proof of your work. You’ve listed some clients, but how would a prospective buyer know that you were being honest about working with some of those big names? There isn’t anything on your gig to back-up those claims, and your gig images are literally just generic phrases that probably only took you a couple of minutes to create. There’s nothing to show off your skills. Sadly, because of this, I think your costs (basic package being $155 for 5 names) are going to prohibit you from getting any orders. $155 is a lot of money to risk to most people.
  7. Hi, Sorry to hear you’ve had a poor experience. The Buyers Request section can produce some really fantastic sellers, but it’s also a place where a lot of sellers who are under-qualified and desperate to make a sale hang-out, and it sounds like your request has unfortunately attracted the attention mostly of the latter. Have you tried using the Browse/Search function of Fiverr to reach out to some Sellers instead? That way, you can find people who have a proven track record, you can view samples of their work and drop them a message instead? We’re in a totally different niche to the one you’re looking for, but we’re an experienced seller and honestly, we never use or even look in the Buyers Request section. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying to disregard the Buyers Request feature - but you should definitely be combining it with some proactive searching and shortlisting of sellers, I wouldn’t recommend relying on it alone… a lot of Sellers are like us, and don’t ever visit the Buyers Request section, so you could be missing out on some quality sellers. Good luck!
  8. This isn’t a violation of the TOS, and this is something that happens to us all the time. For example, a lot of our clients are advertising agencies, who are creating a video project for an end-client. As part of that video, they need a voice over, and they order that from us. They will often create the video, send it to the client, then come back to us with feedback. That’s allowed. In fact, if we rejected work from ‘middle-men’, I reckon more than 50% of our work would disappear. What we do, is charge our client for the requested changes/amends once they have the feedback. What is not allowed however, is for a client to put your order into revision while they wait for their client to come back with feedback. The rules are simple - once you submit an order, your client has 3 days to choose whether or not to request a revision. And, at the point where they put the order into revision, they must actually request a revision - they can’t simply say “Oh, I’m going to hit the revision button to pause the order while I chase feedback from my client.” (This has happened to us a couple of times) All you can do, really, is remind the client of this if and when this happens - that the revision button is only to be used when a revision is required. And, as you correctly stated, an order can’t be cancelled based on the quality of the work. Good luck!
  9. They must have felt that your conversation wasn’t going anywhere, or perhaps they thought it was a spam message. Sellers often get spam messages from other sellers. What did you say to them? This would be a waste of your time, and Customer Support’s time. The seller did nothing wrong. They’re allowed to block you if they wish. You may not like it, but there’s nothing more you can do.
  10. Yeah, that’s what I thought at first lol. Just need to remember when reading peoples posts, that not everyone can write in perfect english / get their point across the way they meant it to. 😃 Of course - I’m very much aware of that. I’m also aware that the guys replying on this thread all speak far better English than I speak any of their regional languages, so kudos to them in that respect. But, several answers provided in this thread are spreading misinformation, even if that’s unintentional. I’m not trying to call out a person who speaks English as a second language because they’re not speaking perfect English, but rather what they’re contributing here on the forum, as an answer to a question, is misinformation. That’s all.
  11. Then you need to be more specific in your original message, as you don’t specify this. Perhaps consider editing your original message. Anyone reading your message would most likely assume you were talking about approaching buyers on Fiverr.
  12. https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/top-10-tips-for-new-fiverr-sellers Also, that big magnifying glass button at the top of the forum is the Search button. You should use that, as your question has been asked and answered literally thousands of times here already.
  13. Don’t do this - this is Spam. If one or two buyers flag your message as Spam, Fiverr will investigate and disable your account. Please stop advising things which will get people kicked off the platform.
  14. Are you seriously telling other sellers to copy the Bios and Titles of other sellers? You’re aware this is plagiarism? And if caught, Fiverr will disable your profile and ban you (rightly so). It’s a shame that when someone asks how to be successful here, your response is to advise them to cheat.
  15. This is nonsense. Totally untrue. Definitely not, although different people have different success in different areas. We didn’t really use Buyers Requests at all when we first started out, so all our orders, from Level 0 upwards, came directly to us. Although, there was possibly a bit less competition back in 2017 than there is now, so perhaps if we started again today we’d use Buyers Request a bit more. You’ve made a great start by the looks of things. Keep in mind, August can be a pretty slow month for sellers here… lots of parts of the world take vacations, and projects seem to slow down at this time of year. Our experience is September through to December is usually crazy busy. Just keep going… completing orders will help improve your organic reach, which in turn will greatly improve your chances of getting organic sales. Good luck!
  16. I don’t usually comment on these requests, but there is so much wrong with your gig and profile. It’s clear that English isn’t your first language, but your grasp of English is so poor that I think it will put many buyers off. That’s clear here in your message (‘wand instead of want’ - ‘gate instead of get’) but also, unfortunately, on your profile and gigs. Don’t refer to potential buyers as “Sweet and Dear Friends”. It’s really unprofessional. You’re here to do business, not date. Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 14.16.31910×48 5.81 KBAre you being totally honest here? I know of businesses that bring in millions of dollars annually, that only have 10 or fewer staff. Don’t over-represent yourself, buyers can see right through it. Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 14.17.33788×228 15.1 KBWe’d have to fall in love in order for you to break my heart, and no offence, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. 😉 You seriously need to re-think this phrasing. Also, Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 14.18.471472×1450 177 KBYou offer 4 hours work on the Basic package, but only 2 hours work on the Premium package, despite the Premium costing three times as much. So this tells me you have no concept of how pricing works. Why would I pay $15 for 2 hours work, when I could buy your Basic gig 3 times and get you to work for half a day for me? I kind of stopped looking at this point. Being brutally honest, you need to totally re-think whether you’ve got what you need to be able to offer your services here.
  17. I started out in almost the exact same situation as you. My day job was in Learning and Development, and Voice Over on Fiverr was my side hustle. I now consult occasionally for L&D, and do Voice Over as my main source of income, and often have months where I earn more from this than I ever did in L&D, so your side hustle could totally become your main source of income one day (assuming this was something you wanted). Starting cheap to gain some credibility is something that, in an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to do. But we don’t live in an ideal world, and it’s something we did back in the day. It is, in my opinion, a legit method of getting started on Fiverr. My advice would be to keep a close eye on your review score, and once it hits maybe double-digits, adjust your price accordingly. Keep doing this in-line with your review score and over the months and years, you’ll see not only your skills improve, but also your earning potential. Good luck!
  18. I have to say, I agree with @garybaitson that this did come across quite harsh (which, based on all of your previous posts, I’m sure wasn’t your intention). In a free economy, people are entitled to price themselves at whatever amount that they wish, and for whatever reason they wish. Certainly, on a platform like Fiverr, I would expect to find fundamentally the same service (albeit at different levels of quality) at all different levels of the pricing spectrum, from dirt-cheap to ‘HOW MUCH?!’ expensive. I get that seeing people offer huge amounts of work for relative peanuts can be frustrating, and feel as though it’s ‘bringing down’ the platform. But suggesting that a $150 sale was somehow lost because this seller offered to work for $5 doesn’t really make sense, as a buyer with $5 in their pocket isn’t going to suddenly stump up an extra $145 just because you take away the $5 sellers. There is a market for high cost/high value sellers to do really well here, and to co-exist with the sellers offering a lot for cheap. I guess it’s like the wine section in a supermarket in that respect - you don’t suddenly assume that the supermarket selling a £150 bottle of Dom Perignon is rubbish, just because they also sell Blue Nun for £2.99. Not to mention, offering a lot for cheap is a very legitimate tactic for building a successful profile. We did it, back in the day. 10,000 word voice overs for $50? Yup, we did that, sinking 8 to 10 hours into the project for a £ return that would barely buy us dinner. But, had we not have done that back then, we wouldn’t be able to charge what we charge today.
  19. True - but that’s the entire point of the forum. Those who wish to offer help can do so, and those who would rather not are under no obligation. What you’re suggesting, by messaging other sellers, can actually cause damage to the seller’s profile. If for example, that seller doesn’t notice your message in-time, and fails to reply to you within 24 hours, the seller’s response rate would be damaged. Sellers are, in effect, forced to reply to you because of how Fiverr measure response rate and time. I can tell you as a seller who has had numerous people reach out to us like this in the past, we always politely but firmly direct them to the forum. And I’m afraid, on the very rare occasion where they’ve not taken the hint (ie; kept pestering for help), we’ve reported them as spam.
  20. You said it perfectly! My order requirements are a bit more strong because it forces buyers to think about what they are giving me. It’s a total team effort and buyers have to take some responsibility for the outcome of the project too. I would rather have fewer buyers who I can really pay attention too, than 20 orders in my queue. The quality of your work and your buyers who love your work, will in time, be a repeat-business machine! That is what all business owners want… 80% of your sales come from 20% of your buyers. Ads will only get you poised in the right spot but you better be ready to serve as a professional. I have changed my mind on the ads. At first it seemed like things were changing on the first two pages. But like always, I was just patient and used my down time to improve my portfolio, gigs and demo. I am actually grateful for those few weeks. I see an increase in new and great buyers. So somehow they are still finding me. I already know sellers who are opting out of the Ad program after paying for ads because the results are not as organic. I am sure it’s paying off for others. I am just going to stay positive and hope the ads are successful. My TRS is golden and I appreciate Fiverr in so many ways. I was the type of child who actually had to do chores to get allowance money. Nothing is given to you on Fiverr, you have to earn it… not just by numbers and stats but there is a magical mix of buyer love and appreciation, respect for the customer service team, an inward look at yourself and answering your inquiries in the middle of the night. You build it and they will find you. LOVE this! Brilliant quote, and a great way of summarising success here. 🙂
  21. Have a read of this thread, where this question was asked (and answered) earlier today. Should answer all your questions. I declare my Fiverr income here in the UK, and explain the method that I use in that thread. As @humanissocial has said, you need to ensure you’re following your own regional tax rules, but in terms of documenting your Fiverr income, you’re simply documenting the amount of commission you earn on the platform, not individual orders or by gig etc. People over-complicate this when it’s actually pretty simple. And most accountants, especially the more old-school ones, really don’t ‘get’ Fiverr income.
  22. You can find much of the information here; https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1762301/000104746919003139/a2238508zf-1.htm Anything you can’t find there, you may need to contact Fiverr customer support and ask for it. I don’t include a tax number, as the tax laws here in the UK mean that I don’t charge Fiverr VAT (Value Added Tax), so a tax number is therefore not needed.
  23. That’s exactly what you should do, and it’s what I do for my accountant. Whenever I withdraw earnings, I issue an invoice to Fiverr (for the sake of accounts only, I don’t physically issue the invoice) to the amount of my commission for that withdrawal. I then immediately record a payment against the invoice, closing it off. You and your accountant then have an accurate record of all your earnings through Fiverr. Hope this makes sense.
  24. “Today, I will be taking out an International Warrant for your Arrest.” :rofl: You can’t just ‘take out’ a warrant. They don’t work like that. He would have to report a crime, and his local Police would have to agree that a SERIOUS crime has been committed, which is clearly not the case here. It sounds like you’ve done nothing wrong. Block this guy’s emails - you can do that in Gmail, block all emails from a specific sender, or even a domain. Keep all communication in a folder somewhere, just in case. Then just ignore him and move on with your life. This guy is full of hot air.
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