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  1. Have you reported it to Customer Support? Unfortunately, I get the impression that Buyer Requests is nowhere near as regulated as it could/should be.
  2. Like I said, all of that information is public and available to you. Have a read through the link I sent you.
  3. It looks like you linked to your gig, which is only allowed in certain sections of the forum. Linking to your gig anywhere else is seen as spam. Someone has clearly noticed this, and flagged your post. Also, all the information about eligibility is available and public - you just need to go and read it for yourself, so no need to link your gig here.
  4. Yes, that’s my understanding. You only pay if someone clicks on your ad, not when your ad appears in the top spot. Only clicks count. Good luck with it, I’ll be interested to see what your results are like!
  5. We got access to it today also, albeit only for some of our gigs. I’ve signed up one, so we’ll see how it goes. We also didn’t get our $10 ‘gift’ - I clicked the link for it, but nothing was applied to our account. Maybe a glitch in the matrix. I’m not going to lose sleep over it, but annoying. Just be careful with this - my understanding is that the recommended amount is your bid amount, not your daily spend. My recommended bid for example is $0.34, and my daily cap is $5. So I can ‘afford’ about 15 clicks per day, which is the amount I’m willing to test with, until I see if this generates results. Screenshot 2020-09-07 at 11.18.091436×632 18.9 KB
  6. Like, going for runs? Weight lifting? That kind of thing?
  7. I like your analogy. The ‘10% off at the Mall today’ coupon would come with restrictions. You can use it to get $2 off a dozen Krispy Kremes, but not $5,000 off of a new Tesla… Perhaps similar thought to restrictions and limitations needs to happen here. For some high-volume sellers where a low price is one of their key factors in generating sales, this could really help. I can imagine established sellers facing a sales slump might be tempted by it. But, slumps aren’t usually caused by you over-charging. There’s normally something else at play, and offering a discount is unlikely to fix the issue. I just think once you reach a certain level of seller, you have to assume that they don’t need gimmicks to make sales any more.
  8. Thanks for the update Frank. Initial, quick thoughts, are that this is my least favourite idea, by far, out of all of the ideas I’ve seen from Fiverr over the past 6 months or so. Discounts to generate new business aren’t something I’m a fan of. I’m a fan (much like I know you are) of selling the value of our service, and positioning it accordingly. We avoid tactics that involve meddling with the price - we pitch based on being able to deliver what the client needs, being able to solve a problem for them. The price is, what the price is, and it’s down to us to convince them that our pricing took thought, and is good value. Going back to my years as a Sales Trainer, we always used to advise sales people to avoid the “10% off your first order” tactic, because it means you’re selling on price, rather than value. Plus, your seller now knows you can discount - they’re going to want you to do it again in the future. “Wait, this is more expensive than last time” is always an awkward, tacky conversation to have to have. Perhaps as a method of bringing back some previous customers, whom you’ve lost contact with, this could work. But as Fiverr won’t allow us to reach out to customers, we’d be reliant on them doing some customer segmentation for us. Previous customers who haven’t re-ordered in 6 months for example, could automatically be sent an e-shot offering them a small discount to encourage them back. In that instance, I could maybe be on-board. But for generating brand new business? I don’t like it. Just my 2 cents, but I think if Fiverr is trying to position themselves as a professional marketplace, with professional prices to match, gimmicky 10% off discounts seem a bit of a contradiction. Anyway, I’m still hoping that one of these days they’ll give me access to Promoted Gigs! Now THAT feature, I’m interested in! 🙂
  9. Someone at HQ must have unplugged Fiverr, waited 30 seconds, gave it a quick tap on the side and then plugged it back in again. Works every time.
  10. Same here. The site seems to be down at the moment. Some users have also said they’re having issues with the Earnings page being wrong, which we’re also seeing. Perhaps it’s some kind of reboot to fix that issue? I’m sure it will be back soon - time to make a coffee and go do something else… ☕
  11. This is an interesting point… I’m lucky, I’ve never had a mean boss, but I totally get how draining it must be to those who do. I remind myself of the freedom I have as a freelancer, in terms of my hours and how I choose to use my time. The idea of being told “you must be at your desk by 9am” seems so alien to me now, I can’t see it as being anything other than silly. My bad days tend to be when I’m beating myself up for not having ‘done’ enough that month (not enough orders, not enough money etc). I find that taking a moment to really appreciate the massive benefit of being a freelancer, in terms of being able to decide how and when I work, really does help.
  12. I produce music, as a side-hustle but also because I love doing it. Unless I’m too tired, that’s a good option for me. I love doing something creative with zero boundaries. Playing the PlayStation is a bit of a guilty pleasure too. I don’t do online stuff (I can’t be doing with 14-year olds destroying me at online games) but tend to go for story-driven stuff like The Last Of Us etc…
  13. You live in Glasgow? One of my favourite cities. We were up there for a few days last year. It hammered it down with rain, but we still had a great time. We’ve done a few city breaks over the last few years, and the people in Glasgow were by far the friendliest we encountered.
  14. How does advising someone to be patient make them more likely to be successful? Especially when an experienced forum poster has just explained to them not to wait, but to be proactive in gaining their success? You’re basically suggesting the complete opposite. Which is fine, but I’d love to know your theory behind it?
  15. @linda_young - you might want to also include an English translation of your translation - just so that everyone can understand your (very valid) point! 😉 Edit - For anyone interested; Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 15.22.202602×782 194 KB
  16. Great post @coerdelion - you’ve got the patience of a saint sharing all that useful information so frequently! 🙂 I really hope some of the people you share it with are having a look and taking it all in.
  17. There’s nothing wrong with kindness, the world could probably use more of it. But here on Fiverr, this is business. You’re exchanging your time and skills for money, plain and simple. What you see as kindness, can often be seen as weakness by people who want to exploit you. Not everyone, but some people, and you’ve always got to be mindful of that. Like you say, learn from this experience - then next time this happens, you’ll be prepared and know how to respond. Good luck!
  18. That’s not how Fiverr works. Buyers are purchasing from a Seller because they want THAT Seller to complete their work for them. Not for that Seller to outsource the work to someone else. You need to build your own career here on Fiverr, not try and beg successful Sellers to give you work. Successful Sellers work hard for their orders, and to build their reputation - they’re not going to suddenly start throwing work away to someone else. You need to change the way that you’re thinking.
  19. There isn’t much of an action you can take, unfortunately. If you find your work online, and you can prove with 100% certainty that this buyer has stolen it, you might be able to file a DMCA claim or similar. But technically, the buyer hasn’t (yet) done anything wrong. They asked you for free work, and you obliged by giving them free work. You either need to protect your content before sending it to people, or be prepared to say “no” when buyers ask you for free, custom samples. Build a suitable portfolio of work, and point your buyers to that instead.
  20. I’m confused then, because originally you said And when asked about PayPal fees, you said; All I was saying is that, if your bank deals in Shekels, and you’re receiving USD via PayPal, you’d be subject to an even worse rate than Payoneer.
  21. Are you sure about your numbers re PayPal? As they are usually (by far) the most expensive way to receive and convert foreign currency. In fact, I just checked their rates, and unless I’m mistaken, that’s even worse than Payoneer. Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 14.56.442300×1248 406 KB
  22. What kind of sample did you send? Sadly, an all-too-common scam is for buyers to ask for a ‘sample’, which is essentially the product they were looking for, receive this sample, then disappear having got the work for free.
  23. You mention ‘alt account’, and in your message to CS, you’ve said “Main Account was disabled”… Does that mean you have more than one account?
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