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  1. Could you explain how staying active 24 hours will 100% guarantee an order? Because, veteran, experienced sellers all across the forum have pointed out time and time again that this is nonsense.
  2. Every time I see the phrase; “So I messaged my buyer asking why they only rated me 4.7…”
  3. Me when I see a forum post from a Buyer who clearly can afford to pay market rates, complaining that the 15 Million word article they bought for $5 turned out to be a disaster…
  4. When a brand new, 0-Level Seller, advises another brand new, 0-Level Seller, that the trick to ‘Unlimited Sells’ is to STAY ONLINE 24/7
  5. I have just requested a cancellation. My jaw literally dropped when I saw they wrote that. I was literally asking them the most basic requirement questions as they hadn’t attached any and were being strangely elusive about the tone they wanted. I don’t include revisions anymore so most buyers give lots of detail up front to get the most out of their money. I’ve never had someone refuse to give direction before haha! Definitely a red flag from the start. Good for you. The least you should be able to request is clear direction. Someone showing themselves up as a nightmare client, this early in the process, is unlikely to have a personality transplant part-way through the project.
  6. Super rude. Can’t think of any situation where saying that would be seen as anything other than rude. I can be quite reactive - My reaction to this would be cancelling the order. I get that this is probably not the ‘best’ approach to this, and that this is an emotional reaction, but I don’t like people speaking to me in a manner that suggests that I’m somehow beneath them, which is how I’d interpret this situation. You may be totally fine completing this project, and it might turn out absolutely fine. But I think saying “just get on with it”, to a total stranger, because you feel that you have the rights to do so because you’ve hired them to complete a project for you, is a red-flag and a half. My concern would be that if they are like this at the beginning of the order, what’s the likelihood of them demanding revisions/changes etc, in an equally rude and unappreciative manner.
  7. What does it say when you click on the blue-hyperlinked bid amount of $0.50? Your metrics would suggest that your bid might be too low to trigger. Clicking on the bid amount should show you a ‘suggested’ bid amount to help you outbid others.
  8. Not sure if this would be of use to you or not, but letting you know just in case. Starling Bank offer Business accounts here in the UK (GBP). Once you’ve got one, you can then apply for a USD Starling Business account at a cost of £5 per month. I’ve done this, and I now withdraw my money in USD via Payoneer to the USD bank account. I then immediately transfer the money from my USD Starling account to the GBP Starling account via the app. You pay a nominal fee (I transferred about $1000 yesterday and paid something like $8 in fees). You do also pay a fee to Payoneer, but this is less than the PayPal fee. Importantly, you then benefit from the conversion rate offered by Starling, rather than the ones offered by Payoneer (bad) or Fiverr (awful).
  9. @mz_creation You’re on a user forum… We’re all just Sellers like you, nobody here can “kindly do something” about your issue, because we don’t work for Fiverr. I had a quick look at your profile, and you’ve got multiple gigs which are all offering exactly the same thing (feminine watercolour logo). Is that why your gigs have been deleted? Because what you’re doing is breaking the Terms of Service of Fiverr. You may only have one gig offering a service, you can’t merely duplicate that gig 5 more times offering something identical. You could create other logo gigs, but they would need to be different styles, showing a clear distinction between them. Your’s are all identical. It’s only a matter of time before your duplicate gigs are also deleted.
  10. What a strange question to ask… Surely it’s got nothing to do with what we want, as fellow freelancers. It’s about whether you want to be successful here, or not? If you do, you’re going to need to put in the work, doing things like;
  11. You don’t have to delete the message, you just need to remove any reference to where the person is from.
  12. You need to stop mentioning people’s country, especially when posting something negative here on the forum. You’re breaking forum rules by doing so. Where the person is from is of no relevance.
  13. Ah, I see… How odd. Although, that’s his forum account, so wouldn’t stop you from reaching out to him via Fiverr. You can still follow the link there to his Fiverr account, which is where you would need to go to discuss business with him (or any other seller) anyway. Your other option is of course to head to Fiverr.com and search for something like “business naming” or “brand ideas” and engage some of the sellers - there’s lots of people offering the service you’re looking for. All the best.
  14. I believe our forum’s very own @jonbaas offers branding and naming services here on Fiverr. If you check out his profile over on Fiverr, you’ll be able to view his work and contact him to discuss.
  15. Do not accept if the client requests cancellation of the order. If you cancel his order page and make a cancel request yourself, then no effect will fall on the profile. And you stay away from these clients. And you learn to work better! I’m afraid that simply isn’t true. Cancellations have an impact, whether you initiate them or the buyer initiates them. The only way they don’t have an impact, is if Customer Support cancel on your behalf, and even then it isn’t guaranteed.
  16. I see - so you’ve contacted them, asking them to complete some work for you? Or asking them for help/advice?
  17. Not sure what you mean by contacting them ‘personally’? I asked because if you’ve sent sellers random messages in Fiverr (rather than here on the forum) you run the risk of being flagged as spam. Getting flagged as spam usually also comes with an official warning on your account.
  18. All of your gigs are about digital marketing. Why don’t you apply your skills as a digital marketing expert to generate traffic for your gigs?
  19. You’ve asked them here on the forum? Or you’ve sent them messages in Fiverr? What have you asked them?
  20. You do include Unlimited Revisions on most of your other gigs though - so this could very easily happen on any one of those. Perhaps something to consider changing?
  21. Does the order with him offer Unlimited Revisions? Look, I get it. It’s a painful lesson to learn. Your buyer very clearly knows he can now milk this order for all it’s worth. But contractually, you’re committed. You either keep going, and hope that soon enough he accepts the work, or you cancel, learn from your experience, and put more strict terms in place next time to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
  22. Screenshot 2020-09-08 at 14.55.25860×634 27.8 KBYou need to keep providing him his revisions, for as long as it takes (I assume it’s this gig - most of your gigs have unlimited revisions included) YOU offer unlimited revisions, which is crazy, and discussed at great length on the forums. You’ve promised something, now you’re going to have to deliver. The buyer is well within his right to keep asking you for revisions for as long as he likes.
  23. What kind of ‘local work’ would you be offering via Fiverr?
  24. Tricky one - probably a question you would need to ask Customer Support, and perhaps let them have a look at the book when you ask? I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, and it’s actually a really good idea from a brand-building perspective… But it does sound like the kind of thing that Customer Support could come down pretty hard on, if they felt that it went against the Terms of Service. They’re so strict about outside contact etc. One mention of your Instagram account (for example) on a page of your book could be seen as trying to take business off-Fiverr, so it would have to be quite carefully written to ensure you’re not building your ‘non-Fiverr’ brand in any way.
  25. Unfortunately, the way that you’ve structured your business, you’re just asking for things like this to happen. Your basic package is $5… For a video… In 24 hours or less… $5 for a VIDEO… Do you see the issue here? Your buyer probably wasn’t very keen on the video, but didn’t want to say anything mean in their review to you. Also, keep in mind, they’re not just reviewing your work - they’re also asked to review your communication, and whether they would use you again. It sounds like they rated you poorly in those areas. It’s against the Terms of Service to cancel/refund an order. And honestly, for many people nowadays, especially in places like the US and Europe, losing $5 is nothing. It’s the cost of a cup of coffee. Rather than ask for revisions or fight with Customer Support, they probably just thought “Ah whatever, I’ll just buy from somewhere else instead.” Unfortunately, offering what you’re offering for $5, you made it all-too-easy for a buyer to do that.
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