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  1. This is the one thing you’ve said that I do actually agree with. Fortunately for us, our clients come to us for more than just a voice. They come to us for the relationship we build with them, the understanding of their business and their client market, the customer service that we offer and the human touch to both our product, and our service, all of which are things AI can’t, and won’t be able to offer. So like I said, we’re not worried. But thanks for your concern about the industry.
  2. I mean this in the most respectful way possible, but if you think that sounds believable as a human, you need to spend more time talking to humans.
  3. I had a listen to the 2 AI examples you noted yesterday, preparing myself to be blown away as you’d spoken so highly about them… They were garbage. I actually laughed when I listened to the Amazon one. Sounded nothing like an actual human speaking. Things like Siri/Alexa are about as advanced as AI talking get right now, and even they very clearly sound like a robot. 3 to 5 years from now, I agree that you might be able to get a more natural sounding Siri/Alexa for day-to-day use in home speakers… but for speaking over advertisements? Where nuance is needed down to the most minute detail (ie; natural emphasis on specific words, inflections at the end of sentences)? Not in the timeframe you’re talking about, and not to a scale where I, or any other decent VO person would, or should be worried. Plus, people often want a specific voice. What happens if the client wants my voice, but the AI options available don’t sound enough like me? My minimal fees make working with an actual human way more appealing than trying to shoehorn some AI audio into your project. Perhaps not for everyone… but certainly for enough people to keep me, and many other VO people, happily in business for quite some time to come.
  4. I scanned through your messages here, and didn’t see mention of you performing a total cache clearout on your browser. This may have been the first thing you did… but if not, I’d definitely recommend it. Whenever Fiverr seems to have issues that seem unique to me (this issue does appear to be unique to you), it’s almost always something like that. You mention that you want support to fix the issue on Chrome… but I (and I suspect, thousands of others) are using Fiverr on Chrome without issue. So it does sound like the problem is more localised to your browser/IP/laptop.
  5. I mean, if your doom and gloom story about the demise of the VO industry is to be taken seriously, surely us VO people need to get all the money we can now? Before we’re all forced out of business by AI? :man_shrugging:t2:
  6. What kind of success have your friends had, here on Fiverr? I find that most people who suggest this, have either never used Fiverr, or have tried and failed.
  7. OK, try this; Go out in the street. Find a total stranger, and ask if you can take their photo. You’ll probably have to ask a bunch of people, but eventually, someone will be willing, and pose for you. Show them the picture. Then say to them, “Cool, thanks. By the way, I’m gonna use this photo of you to advertise my new investment management company on websites, YouTube, billboards all over town, that’s cool right?” Chances are, the person will either say “no”, or they’ll say “how much do I get paid for you to use that picture of me?” That’s Commercial Rights. You wanna use a part of me to endorse your product or service (for VO people, our voice), then we’re going to charge a nominal fee to do so. The fact that most people don’t know my voice is irrelevant - it’s still personal to me, so I’m going to charge a bit more for it, just like a photo of someone is personal to them. You might think this is unfair, and honestly, as a VO person, I have no issue with you thinking that way, I’m not going to try and convert you. I’m just telling you how it works. The VO industry has been doing this for a long time, and will continue to do so for a long time. Ours actually come with Commercial Rights. Some VO people do this, to avoid having to get into arguments. We made our base-cost higher because of this. We charge more for Broadcast Rights, wherever that is applicable. We make this as clear as Fiverr will allow in our gig description, and explain it to all clients when they enquire about a price. The industry has this option, not specifically Fiverr. Fiverr actually make obtaining a voice over cheaper than you could possibly imagine. If you don’t believe me, google the term ‘voice over agency’ or ‘voice over website’, and reach out to some of those to cost up your project. I guarantee you’ll be back to Fiverr when you realise that a 2-line text via an agency costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.
  8. The release times of earnings are specific down to the minute. In other words, if an order completed at 15:30 GMT on the 1st of the month, the funds would be released at 15:30 GMT (or thereabouts) on the 15th of the month. It’s not unusual for sellers who have lots of orders to watch lots of funds ‘drop in’ to their balance over the course of a day. Your funds might be available 10 mins from now… or it might not be until right at the end of the day, it all depends on when you delivered the work.
  9. I’ve amended my post, to say that the currency conversion rates were awful, rather than the fees, as I suspect you may be correct that fees aren’t being applied.
  10. I’ve done both. We’re based in the UK. With PayPal, the conversion rates were awful, but the money was instant. With Payoneer, the fees are better, but it take about 24 hours from requesting the money, to it being in my bank acct.
  11. If this is the case, then this isn’t a mutual cancellation. You’re unable to complete the work, because the Buyer has failed to provide you with the necessary information/details to complete the work. If the buyer was ready to go now, you’d be happy to work right? So it isn’t a mutual cancellation, and you shouldn’t agree to it being one. Request Customer Support cancel the order, for the above-mentioned reason. They will most likely agree to it, and your cancellation rate won’t take a hit.
  12. Is this your first time withdrawing money from Fiverr? If yes, unfortunately, an additional clearing time is pretty standard, and it’s usually related to your bank (or Payoneer, as I think they are the third party who deal with bank transfers for Fiverr) to have a bit of a delay in getting funds to you. Essentially, the 14-day clearing cycle is a ‘Fiverr thing’. Any time after that is a ‘bank thing’. PayPal, I believe, is instant. Perhaps for when you’re in a financial bind, it might be a better option? Also, just so you’re aware - nobody from Fiverr reads the forums, we’re all just sellers and buyers like you. (in case you’re expecting an official Fiverr response here)
  13. Hi Alex, Firstly, getting a warning for incomplete delivery doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose your account or anything like that. You get 3 warnings, so as long as you don’t get any more flags you should be fine. I do understand your dilemma. In a way, unfortunately for you, you’re trying to use Fiverr in a way that it’s not really designed for. That’s not to say you can’t do this, it’s just that it comes with risks, like being flagged for a TOS violation. It might be something to keep in mind when deciding if Fiverr is a suitable platform for your business. It might be worth speaking with Customer Support, and seeing if you can agree on clear deliverables for each step, then explain exactly what you’ll deliver to the clients. In other words, if you buy ‘pre-production’, what you’re actually buying is a Project Plan document, compiled of the shot list, a breakdown of the filming locations, and a full breakdown of casting. The cost for this project plan would be quite high, as you’re obviously using some of the money to pay people. But so long as both you and the client are in agreement that what they’re ‘buying’ is technically a PPT/Word doc, and you deliver it, you wouldn’t be in breach of the TOS. (in my mind at least, and people do sell filming gigs here on Fiverr. Heck, some people even fly out to locations to shoot, so there must be a way you can do it) For filming - Perhaps the deliverable could be a very rough cut, or a video snapshot of some of the raw footage? Again, be specific… Don’t allow any room for misinterpretation. “I’ll send you a 5 minute rough-cut of the raw footage I’ve captured”, for example. Post Production - I’m guessing the deliverable would be the finished product?
  14. OK - so which is it? Are you a new seller? Or are you a veteran seller who lost their account? You can’t be both… Also, that still doesn’t explain why you’re advising people to do 6 things, but not doing most of them yourself. That was the question I asked you. Why are you advising people to do things, that you clearly don’t believe in? Why was your account closed? Support don’t close accounts for random reasons. And did you get written permission from Support to open a new account?
  15. Also, looking at one of your gigs - something I’m finding really (genuinely) confusing that you might be able to clear up. What was your involvement in the ‘Riverside Cottages ALF’ website that you’ve included in your live portfolio? Did you build that website for the client?
  16. Really? Because you’re not even following your own tips… You’re offering Shopify sites, one of the most heavily over-saturated niches in Fiverr. In fact, 3 of your 6 gigs are offering the same thing. What’s unique about your offering exactly? You have 3 reviews. Your titles are things like - I will do elementor landing page and squeeze page for nonprofit or educational website Which is fine, but it’s not short, despite you advising people that this is what they should be doing. Your other titles are much the same. Not one of your 6 gigs has a video intro. So you’re basically parroting advice that you’ve read somewhere else. Which would make sense, as by your own admission, you’re new to Fiverr and have essentially no experience here. Why not focus on growing your business, rather than repeating generic advice? (advice you obviously don’t actually believe in, as you’re not even willing to implement yourself)
  17. I do agree that this would be an excellent feature. It’s one of my personal, most-wanted features. We’re UK based, and more than 50% of our clients are also UK based. They would love to be quoted in GBP. It would also likely result in more money for Fiverr, as we’d most likely round up ever-so-slightly (for example, offering a voice over for £30 rather than $30, resulting in more income for the site in general). Right now, we either have to quote UK clients a USD value, or we have to give them some silly conversion approximation, with a disclaimer that the actual amount might be more when they go to checkout. Who knows? Fiverr is really pushing the B2B element of the platform, and I know that non-US businesses would much rather be invoiced in their local currency, so maybe this is something that could be implemented in a future release.
  18. Just to let you know, customer service is about as official as you can get. If I were you, I would except CS as very high on the Fiverr importance scale. Just saying. Hi Melissa, I think what I said has been misinterpreted a little. I never questioned the importance, or officiality of Fiverr Customer Support. But I’ve had many personal experiences over the years, of different Customer Support agents interpreting the same rule in very different ways. I’ve literally had different answers, within the space of a few hours, from different agents, and that’s happened on numerous occasions, and regarding well established practices. My comment was in reference to a CS agent promising a new seller that Promoted Gigs would be available to everyone soon. This seems to go against Fiverr’s methodology in rolling out Promoted Gigs, and certainly wouldn’t make much business sense (giving a brand new, un-vetted seller the ability to promote their gigs to page one is a recipe for disaster). All I was saying was that, until I hear that from an official channel (like a press release, an update on the relevant support page etc) that I wouldn’t guarantee on this being 100% accurate.
  19. It would appear that @sir_macke no longer has an active Fiverr account I’m afraid. It would appear that either the user closed the account, or Fiverr closed it for them.
  20. I can explain it to you, the only benefit is if the buyer want some urgent work. They will look for sellers who are online. I had a few buyers want work to be done in 1-2 hrs, and they can’t wait for hrs for other sellers to reply to their enquiry. If your buyer need urgent work,most likely they will hire a seller who is online My question was, if I’m honest, rhetorical, but thanks for taking the time to provide an answer anyway. It does annoy me when people suggest nonsense advice, then don’t back it up when you ask them to, so I do genuinely appreciate that you answered on behalf of the person who suggested it. Whilst I don’t debate this, what I do debate is the idea that doing this is an effective way to run a Fiverr profile. I’d argue that it’s a much better business model to grow your business around providing quality work than it is to grow your business around providing quick work. Plus, let’s be honest - being active 24/7 simply isn’t possible. We’re humans, and we need sleep and rest to survive. Not to mention downtime, family time, time for hobbies/social interaction etc. Sitting by your computer for 24 hours in the hopes of getting an order MIGHT produce a bit of work for you, but at what cost?
  21. There is a criteria - they just choose not to make it public. Just keep going, and focus on delivering good quality work. Perhaps you’ll get it this month? Or next month… Some people wait years to get it, and some people never get it.
  22. Yes! There’s LOADS of content for you to read through from experienced sellers that will provide a tonne of valuable information for you.
  23. But, if you’re providing the information, you must be doing so based off of your own experiences, no? Surely if you’re telling someone to be active 24/7, it’s because that’s what you do, and it’s having amazing results for you? If you’re just repeating what you’ve heard from other people, how do you know that you’re not spreading misinformation? I’m just going to leave this here;
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