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  1. I guess there’s two ways to look at this. Your buyer is unaware of how Fiverr works, and is unsure of what to do next.Your buyer is deliberately trying to get you to work for cheap. If you cancel, he gets his money back and can just move on to the next seller. You meanwhile, get negatively impacted by the cancellation.You would be well within your rights to deliver the words he’s paid for. You could include a message with your delivery along the lines of “Please find the translation for xx words. As mentioned to you, the amount you’ve paid unfortunately doesn’t cover the word count in your document. Please contact me if you’d like the remaining words translating, and I can send you a custom offer for the remaining words.” etc…
  2. I am sure there are quite a good number of buyers who visit the forum. But, that’s beside the point. Sellers will find it more worth their time if they spend it on marketing and engaging with prospective buyers than (always) being active on the forum, hoping to get an order. No one is going to get an order JUST because they’re active on the forum. It has no effect on your Fiverr sales/impressions/gig ranking. Sure, it was a sweeping statement. I guess my point was more that the forum is not exactly flooded with buyers browsing, looking for a seller.
  3. Could you not simply provide him with the number of words he’s paid for? If you deliver what he’s paid for, within the time limit, and to a high quality, he has no grounds to leave you a negative review. (Plus I would make it VERY clear in your review that the buyer only paid for xx words, declined your offer of paying for more, and so you only delivered xx words)
  4. It’s not a cage business here. Why a buyer hit an order to a seller who is not online when he/she need. Continuity is the most important one. Obviously you can make a schedule with client after getting order but first time you must be online whenever buyer want you to message for the first time. I don’t think that there have any client who want to wait for you when you will be back. I 100% disagree. This is a marketplace of freelance professionals. I do not expect people to be constantly online, and frankly I don’t care if they’re online or not. I care about their work. If I like the look of it, I message them. So long as they come back to me within a day or so, I’m happy. Why do you think Fiverr ask sellers to aim to respond within 24 hours? Because 24 hours is a reasonable amount of time! We got a message from a prospective customer on Monday of this week. We weren’t able to reply immediately, so we responded about one hour later. The client was then offline until today, at which point they replied asking us to proceed with a custom offer. This happens a LOT. You’re free to do what you wish. But please trust me when I say (and this is based off 18 months and well over 500 completed orders) that staying online makes absolutely no difference.
  5. Being ‘active’ on Fiverr makes absolutely no difference to how many orders you get. You should log in to Fiverr to deliver orders or use the messaging system. That’s it. Why would being online more than that help you? Again, why would this help? None of your buyers are on the forum. Buyers don’t come here. The forum is almost entirely populated by sellers. Surely you should be active in the places where your buyers gather? The forum is good for gaining some useful information or having a rant. I don’t mean for any of this to come off as harsh, but I see these 2 pieces of advice being given every day, and they’re just not going to help a new seller who is struggling to make sales.
  6. Staying online doesn’t benefit you in any way. Please, don’t waste your time focusing on staying online when there are so many more important things you should be doing instead. Think about it - if you opened a cafe, and you stayed open from 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday… and nobody came to eat at your cafe… would you respond by keeping the cafe open 24/7 just in case someone came?
  7. Super impressive! 18 months on the site and 25% for us!
  8. We’ve had this same problem last week, with a buyer who went off the radar when we asked them to purchase Commercial Usage. We were faced with either giving them the work and ignoring the fact that they hadn’t bought Commercial Usage, or cancelling. We chose to cancel. It isn’t fair on us, or our other buyers, to do otherwise. It could be coincidence, but in the 5 days since, our orders went from 2 or 3 a day, to none. We seem to be getting back to normal now. One thing that helped us was talking about the Commercial Rights more. We include information about it in our Gig Description, our FAQs, and a final time when the buyer completes their Order Requirements. We’re even thinking of putting a PDF together about it and adding that to our profile. This isn’t fool-proof. Some buyers will fail to read any of these. But many buyers seem to, as we saw a marked increase in the number of buyers adding the rights themselves after we implemented this.
  9. If I got this reply from CS, I would see that as an explicit no (or very close to it). You’ve already gone above and beyond in trying to help your buyer resolve what is basically an administrative problem at their end. I’d want to help the client as much as I could too, but it sounds like you’ve done all you can. It definitely sounds like you can go to sleep with a clear conscience here! This is between the buyer and CS now.
  10. We got our first order about 1 day after we set our account up. This was back in April of last year. Sounds great right? But here’s what we did before we set our account up. In the week before we made our account, we sat down and brainstormed what our clients would want to hear in terms of demos. We then recorded about 20 voiceover demos (our gigs are all voiceover related), and picked the absolute best to put on our profile. We wrote the best gig description we possibly could. Then we proofread it, edited it, rewrote it until we were happy with it. We took professional photos and uploaded them. We started work on a video. In total, I reckon we put 5 to 10 hours of preparation into our account in that week, before launching a single gig. And since then, we’ve re-recorded all of our demos about 4 times (we invested some of our profit into better equipment, which allowed us to create better demos), re-took our photos, totally rewrote our gigs. We’ve done this a few times over the past 18 months. Honestly… we’re hardly ever online. We have the iPhone app, and that’s how we respond quickly to people. People buy from us because we’ve created good quality gigs, that buyers trust, and we’ve tried to give them all the information that they need to be able to make a decision about us without having to message us. If I come to buy from you, do your gigs show me your best work? Will they answer all my questions? Will they tell me a little bit about you, so that I can trust you? Don’t get caught up in being online, focus on this (and promotion), and you’ll begin to get orders.
  11. I’m sorry, but this simply isn’t true. We’re almost never online, and we’ve completed over 500 orders. I can honestly say that we didn’t get a single one of these orders by ‘being online’. Buyers reach out to us based on the quality of our gigs, not because we’re online. Focus your time on making awesome gigs instead, I promise you’ll have more success. Install the Fiverr app on your phone, and you can still respond super quick.
  12. Your gig says that you will be someone’s Social Media Manager… Surely the best thing you can do is start by being your own social media manager? Put your expertise to good use and drum up some business using social media!
  13. You’d have to raise this question with customer service.
  14. Thanks for pointing out. I have clearly said about “final”. If they have not been approved yet, then it is not final and not a “final delivery with error-free”, it is just a “delivery that need corrections”. I also wrote this in each of my delivery: “please download the attachment before you check the delivery for better zooming experience. Afterward, please reject this delivery and let me know if there’s anything that need to be revised. If everything has meet your requirements, i will resend them in full resolution” Different profession has different way to interpret TOS and to sync their workflow to it, in my opinion. I think the point that people are making here, is that Fiverr does not distinguish between “final delivery” and “delivery”. There’s one button, it’s the delivery button, and when you use it, you’re supposed to be delivering your final/complete/finished version of your work. I understand that you’re trying to get approval from your client. Perhaps another way to do this (that I don’t believe is against Fiverr’s TOS) would be to attach a low-res version WITHIN the order conversation. Attach it, don’t ‘deliver’ it. Ask the client to respond with either changes or approval. Then, within the time limit of the order, submit the finished version using the Deliver button. It is of course up to you how you run your business. But as a few people have pointed out to you, what you’re currently doing is very much against Fiverr’s TOS, so you do run the risk of getting a warning (or worse).
  15. A lot of people on the forum spread the misinformation that in order to be successful, you must have created the maximum number of gigs, and be online constantly. This simply isn’t true, so please don’t heed that advice. I cringe at the idea of all these people sitting ‘online’ for 18 hours a day, waiting in the hopes that an order might come in. There are better things you can be doing with your time. Focus on making your gigs look as amazing as you can, especially as you’re specializing in Photoshop. Create a really slick portfolio, and give people a reason to order from you, rather than from anyone else. You said yourself that your niche is crowded - work out what you can offer that nobody else in your niche can, then focus on marketing that. Good luck!
  16. A friendly word of advice… It looks like you’ve got multiple accounts. Someone with your username (in reverse) and a different photo of you posted this exact same message minutes after this one, elsewhere on the forum. Either someone is copying you… Or you’ve created more than one account. This is explicitly against Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and will result in all your accounts being banned. Focus on building one account. You obviously don’t have to take my advice here if you don’t want to, but trust me, Fiverr really come down hard on people creating multiple seller accounts.
  17. In our experience, the client is usually wanting two different people… a male for the male part, and a female for the female part. We’re an account that happens to offer this, although it only equates for a small percentage of our orders.
  18. On your SEO gig, you’ve misspelt Google. It would be extremely difficult to trust someone who claims to be an SEO expert, yet spells Google incorrectly. Also… You’re really quite expensive for someone brand new to the site. In the beginning, you need to seriously consider working for a slightly cheaper rate, in order to generate some orders and get some positive reviews. Once you’ve had some success, you should absolutely put your rate up to what you think is fair for your work.
  19. I second the point about fixing your gig titles. I see people here all the time advising other sellers to “be online”… don’t get wrapped up in this, it’s not important. Yes, you need to reply quickly, but you don’t have to be online to do that. We’re hardly ever online, but we get plenty of orders, and we still reply quickly. What is important is to provide your potential buyers with a reason to buy from YOU. What do you do BETTER than everyone else? You’re operating in a deeply saturated market. There are literally thousands of gigs just like yours. And if I was buying, I would either buy from the person with the most positive reviews, or the person who wowed me with designs I hadn’t seen anywhere else. Why should I buy from you? I see you offer landing pages. How good are they? Are they amazing? Are they better than the others I can buy on here? If so, show me! Design 10, or 20, or 100, and put them in your portfolio. Wow me with your quality! If they’re not amazing, then why are you selling them? It’s tempting to offer gigs because you think it will be easy to get sales, but as you can see, buyers are spoilt for choice. Either practice and work hard at your craft to improve, or focus on whatever it is you’re truly amazing at. We only offer voiceovers, because we’re really good at voiceovers. Our quality is what sets us apart from our competition. We don’t offer logos, or Wordpress installations, or SEO, because we’re not good at those things. Other people can offer those. We just focus on being really good at voiceovers. Focus on finding your real talent and showcasing it and you’ll get sales.
  20. I dislike the layout overall… But I actually really like the “Total Active Order Value” at the top, and a value now showing against each order without having to click through. As for the condescending “We recommend you deliver early” messages… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
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