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  1. Welcome Robert! Good luck on your Fiverr journey, it’s a fantastic place once you get things going!
  2. I see so many of these sad posts and I felt bad that no one has shared anything truly new in ages. I made a referral post and pinned it since I feel generous today. Finally, the true tips are out! 😆 See… all these ‘tips’ I keep seeing people post, I always knew you guys were holding back the REALLY useful stuff for yourselves! 😉
  3. If you’ve delivered your initial work within the allotted time, you don’t need to worry about being marked LATE. This only applies to the initial delivery. In theory, you can now provide revisions forever, and it wouldn’t affect your ‘on-time’ rating (nor would your seller be able to cancel due to late delivery). So you’re covered there. Regarding the revision cost, you will need to submit this to the client as a Gig Extra. This is available underneath the messaging field when communicating within the order. Submit the Extra, allow your client time to pay, and when he does so, you can then provide the revision.
  4. This is the reason why we would never report someone doing this. That being said, it’s a massive red-flag. This, and using a profile image that you know with certainty isn’t them (stock image etc). I get that not everyone wants a photo of themselves on their profile, but if you’re going to go out of the way to hide who you are, I’m going to be cautious. We tend to take the approach of asking way more questions than we normally would, and if we’re not happy with the answers, asking them politely not to order from us. We block if we think they may not adhere to that request.
  5. I wonder if Fiverr could at some point incorporate a ‘This Seller Also Recommends’ feature, whereby you could ‘favourite’ a few other sellers that you recommend for different projects, and they could appear on your profile or gigs somewhere. Or incorporate an ‘Introduction’ feature into the Messaging system, where you could link them through to a Seller’s profile. There could even be the possibility of a ‘Finder’s Fee’ system where you earn a couple of bucks commission for sending work to a different seller… To your original question… we don’t do it as much as we’d like to, purely because we haven’t built up the network of trusted sellers. But we’d have no issue with passing people across, provided we had built that kind of relationship. We offer voiceovers, and so Video Designers and Script/Copywriters are the two services we are asked about the most outside of what we actually offer. It would be great to have a system where we could easily pass a buyer over to a suitable seller (beyond a copy/paste of course).
  6. Sorry you’ve had a bad experience. It’s difficult to comment without knowing the full context. But why would you both mark an order complete, and leave positive feedback, WITHOUT having received the full content of the order?
  7. Perhaps this will get better. Many people have noted recently that Fiverr appear to be pushing away from being ‘the place where you get stuff done for 5 bucks’ to being a truly professional marketplace that can compete with the kind of sites you’ve mentioned. In doing so, average order values are going to increase, and chargebacks are going to begin to really hurt. Let’s be honest - if this was $5 instead of $500, you might have opened a thread to have a well-deserved rant, but that would be the end of it. $500 is considerable. I do think some kind of ‘Seller Protection Policy’ has to be incoming, whatever form that may take. What happens when the first Pro Seller gets a chargeback on their $5,000 logo?
  8. You only need to open one ticket. Then you need to allow support some time to respond. 24 to 48 hours is the standard minimum. Opening multiple tickets will only add to the time it takes them to reply to you. That’s how Fiverr works. You pay for work up-front. This is all explained to you very clearly in the Terms of Service. As mentioned before, if this is an error, nobody here can fix it. I don’t understand what you think anyone in the forum will be able to explain to you that will help you? If it’s not a bug and the seller is working, you’ll need to wait for them to complete the work. If it’s a bug, you need to allow Fiverr some time to fix the bug. Be patient and I’m sure Fiverr CS will resolve your issue for you.
  9. 100% correct. Nevertheless the Fiverr app, under “Support”, lists the following: Help & EducationLeave FeedbackForumBlog It’s a little misleading. I guess there is technically ‘support’ here, it’s just in the form of advice or instructions from other users and you need to search for it!
  10. I’m sorry to see that this isn’t looking promising for you. It’s a worrying thought that this can happen so easily. We’ve completed a number of large orders before that, were they to be charged back, would massively impact our monthly earnings. On a quieter month, they could put us into a negative value. I’d like to say we’re strong enough that we could dust it off and work for free to clear a $500 ‘debt’ to Fiverr, but I don’t know if we would. It could be the nail in the coffin that would push us to work elsewhere. Hopefully you can bounce back from this. Good luck to you. I totally agree with you that this is grossly unfair. If someone steals a credit card and orders work on Fiverr, you have; The defrauded personThe fraudsterPayPalFiverrThe sellerSo why is it ultimately the seller who is punished? Why is it that neither PayPal, nor Fiverr are willing to say “we make a lot of money from our sellers, so we will offer you some level of protection or insurance”? I get that Fiverr can’t simply offer unlimited protection, because fraud would dramatically increase. As a seller, I’d even consider a monthly ‘insurance’ policy, where an additional % of our earnings could buy us a ‘Seller Protection Policy’. The peace of mind would be worth a small monthly cost.
  11. Hi, Two things; This is a user forum. Nobody from Customer Support is here, so you will not be able to get any help with your orders. We’re all just sellers and buyers like yourself. You will need to contact Customer Support.Who told you that you would be emailed once the order is ready? If it was the seller, this means that they’re working on your order. You need to give them the pre-agreed time (1 day, 2 days, 3 days or whatever you agreed with them) to complete the order for you.
  12. A sample is like me saying to you “send me some examples of previous work you have done”. A draft is me saying “I want a red logo with a house and my company name. Please send me a draft of that design.” A sample can be very generic. But a draft is very specific.
  13. Are you asking me to sketch a logo for you??? Because if you are, then no.
  14. Sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by a ‘facial’ example?
  15. A ‘draft’ is a first-attempt at something. It’s usually referring to a rough idea. With a logo, this could be a sketch or a drawing to get the look and feel right before you commit too much time or work. You usually submit a draft to someone for review, and then make necessary changes to it. A ‘first-draft’ would be the first attempt. A ‘second-draft’ would be the second attempt and so-on.
  16. I’m afraid the forum is entirely filled with sellers and buyers just like yourself. Your post won’t be read by anyone at Fiverr, just fellow Fiverr users. If you’re unhappy, I would suggest you visit Fiverr and use the Customer Support feature to raise a complaint ticket.
  17. As I mentioned, your issue can only be resolved with Customer Support, so regardless, you will need to speak with them. There is nobody here on the forum with the power to reinstate your account. You could reply to the ticket or submit a new one if you don’t feel that your query has been adequately handled.
  18. People here on the forum won’t be able to help you, we are just Fiverr buyers and sellers like yourself. You’ll need to wait to hear back from Customer Support to find out whether or not they will reinstate your account.
  19. Friendly or not, from what you’ve said, I’m 99% certain that this is a chargeback. This doesn’t happen accidentally. Perhaps your buyer doesn’t realise the impact this has on you personally, but they have actively approached PayPal and asked for them to get their money back.
  20. It sounds like your buyer issued a PayPal chargeback. I believe that as far as your balance goes, this is all automated. In essence, it’s Fiverr who have lost money here, as PayPal have clawed it back from them. Work with Customer Support to try and resolve this. Gather together all the evidence that you have that shows that you delivered what was asked of you, and that the buyer was happy with your delivery. I’ve read a few reports over the past few months of Fiverr reimbursing sellers when this happens. No guarantees here of course, but try to keep calm and see how this plays out with CS. Remain friendly and polite with them, and I’m sure they will do what they can to help you. Because of what I just explained, Fiverr takes chargebacks very seriously, and any buyer issuing a chargeback is immediately banned from the site. You can at least take comfort in knowing that this buyer will not be able to use Fiverr again (unless they create a duplicate account, which is also grounds for being banned). You’re absolutely correct that it isn’t fair. Speak with Customer Support. You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. Hopefully they will get this sorted for you. Fingers crossed for you, let us know how you get on.
  21. Be careful with this. I have a nasty feeling Fiverr CS will deem this as ‘abuse of the delivery button’. Also, taken from the TOS. Withholding the delivery of services, files, or information required to complete the Gig’s service with the intent to gain favorable reviews or additional services is prohibited.For what it’s worth, I’m completely with you on this. We’ve had to have this very conversation numerous times, and I’m convinced that some buyers know that there’s little we as sellers can do. But just be aware that you could be playing with fire here. Let us know how you get on… Got my fingers crossed for you!
  22. Exactly that. 😂 What’s even funnier is how extremely picky are these people. I mean, don’t you dare deliver anything less than a best seller in a week. I mean, I’m paying you a fortune! :rofl: I want the best writers in the world, know what I mean? It’s like me expecting to buy a car with 40$, that is also working, and in good state. It better not be scratched! ZERO TOLERANCE TO JUNK CARS! That’s so funny. You can’t even buy a decent horse carriage with 40$, let alone a car. I mean 10k book. You can barely buy a decent book cover with $40! 😂 To the buyer that created that request: good luck finding a book with that money that isn’t generated by a software. You will need it! In my opinion, in this case, is irrelevant. Someone that is really poor could want to work for this fee for whatever reason, but I doubt they can create a successful 10k book. This requires a lot of mental effort, and not many people have the ability to craft such things. And those that are able to do it, they realized instantly how valuable is what they do, seeing what effort it requires. I started to write a couple of years ago, and I had no idea what I’m doing. I struggled to get my first 500 words text. It’s like asking someone to build me a house with 100$. Even if get them all the materials they need. The sheer effort and excellence required to do that makes you realize that this job is worth a LOT of money. If someone is broke, they write articles for 5$ or something like that, until they get some reviews, then increase their prices. 👍 You are right. 10k is a very short book. It barely scratches the surface of being called a book. But some people publish 10k books for some reason. 🙂 You will write me a song. It must have an 8 minute intro, 3 verses, 2 choruses, a bridge, a beat-breakdown section and at least one key change. Every lyric must be unique, we will be listening to the radio constantly to make sure you don’t use words that have already been used in other songs. You should have prior experience writing hit songs, so please don’t message us if you’ve not had at least a top-ten Billboard hit. By writing the song, you relinquish all royalties to said song. Budget is $5, minus fees. 😉
  23. Probably there’s some blog or course saying 10K is the ideal length for a book nowadays, adapted to the sinking attention span of humankind. 10,000 words is a pretty common length on places like Amazon these days where you can price the books for almost nothing but release them in volume as a series. Hook a buyer in with a free first story, then release as many as you can possibly write, selling them for $0.99 each. This is probably why the buyer is looking for an “ongoing business relationship”… Not only do they need someone foolish enough to write a 10k novella once, they need to be willing to keep churning them out forever, while the buyer enjoys all of the Amazon self-publish royalties for basically uploading something.
  24. There’s no way that the buyer is going to get a positive outcome from this. You would think that even the buyer would realise that any seller with the kind of skills, background and experience they’re looking for would be fully aware that this is a terrible proposition, and that they would be much better off self-publishing their stories instead.
  25. I love the bit about “include the phrase White Flower so that we know you’ve read this”. So now we have to use code words to get work! How very James Bond… 😉 We had someone the other day invite us to ‘audition’ for a $5 order by sending them a sample read of their project. We’d be notified within the week if we’d been ‘successful’ in getting their $5 order. 😑 Sadly, some sellers will be willing to work for these rates. They may be from countries where that’s good money for the work, or inexperienced and wanting any opportunity for a review, or naive. Or they could be a chancer who bids on everything, will deliver poor quality work, and this buyer will become one of the many people I see calling Fiverr a ‘scam’.
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