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  1. What you’re saying all makes sense, and most sellers who have been here a while are very clear on Fiverr’s TOS. However… Fiverr have been known to be a touch gung-ho when it comes to enforcing their terms against sellers, sometimes in a contradictory manner. We’ve all read posts by sellers who have had their accounts shut down with little warning for apparently minor infractions. And I’m afraid the rule that Fiverr insist we stick to most rigidly is not taking business away from Fiverr. If Fiverr CS get so much of a hint that you might be attempting to transact (now or in the future) away from Fiverr, you’re liable as a seller to lose your account. No second chances, your business is destroyed. I know this wasn’t what you were attempting to do here by the way. I totally get that the email was an administrative necessity for your project. But by having your seller’s email address, it could be argued that you could avoid Fiverr in the future, and deal directly with the seller. There is a chance that Fiverr CS would interpret this as the seller attempting to avoid the 20% fee by getting your contact details to take business away from the site. Most sellers, ourselves included, simply will not take that chance, regardless of what the TOS say. Because of this, your seller absolutely did the right thing. We would have (and have done) the same. They COULD have contacted CS on your behalf to request written permission, but honestly, unless you were offering them a lot of money for the project, most sellers would see this as a lot of extra effort, and still a risk. Sorry - I know that doesn’t help your situation. But as a rule of thumb, regardless of what the TOS say, if you can avoid sharing contact details in any way possible, you’re more likely to have a successful transaction with your sellers.
  2. What are you doing to reach your target customers, beyond sending Buyer Requests? How are you identifying and connecting with potential customers?
  3. https://www.fiverr.com/support Use the ‘Seller Help Center’ option and you’ll have the option of submitting a support ticket.
  4. This is sooo true. But again, I do only have 15 reviews so far, so getting a bad one could be bad for my page. I do want to call her out. She pulled another one just now. Asks more, still is not paying for the extra! omGOD When we were first starting out, we protected our overall review score at all costs, even if it meant the odd cancellation. Nowadays we have the opposite attitude. So I totally understand that for you, with a relatively low number of reviews, you may wish to prioritise that over everything else. Just be aware that if you rely on regular orders via the marketplace, these might tail off a bit after the cancellation. We find it happens every time. Fiverr isn’t our main income source, so for us we just treat it as a bit of a break for a few days, after which time things usually return to normal. But Fiverr certainly does seem to drop your search ranking for a few days after. You need to weigh up both of these things, then make your decision.
  5. The only negative impact of you cancelling will be to your Order Completion Rate, which will take a hit. We always notice a slight drop-off of orders following a cancellation, which can take anywhere up to a week or so to correct. But if you’re really not enjoying working with this person, and believe that they’re likely to rate you poorly, perhaps it’s the lesser of two evils?
  6. Sure. If you don’t get what you ask for, or if the seller fails to deliver, you’re protected.
  7. Absolutely agree with @lloydsolutions that you should read the Terms of Service. But in short, you are not entitled to a refund, provided the seller provides what you’ve asked for, regardless of the quality of the finished product. If they fail to deliver what you asked for, this is different. This may seem unfair… But if you purchase from an experienced seller, with a track-record of delivering what clients ask for, your risk is minimal. You will of course, inevitably, pay more for this. Either way, you’re buying the time of a freelancer. It is indeed difficult to get a refund on here, and for good reason - to protect the sellers who offer their services. If you do your seller research, communicate honestly and openly, and pay what you genuinely believe are fair market rates for what you require, you’ll be absolutely fine.
  8. Advice is an extremely broad keyword. This will make it extremely competitive, and even if you ranked for it, you would drive a lot of irrelevant traffic to your gig. My understanding is you’re offering personal advice. What if I’m not looking for personal advice, but am instead looking for advice on Search Engine Optimization? Or advice on stocks and shares? Or advice on how to better position my branding? I think as @uxreview suggested, you would be better off thinking about the ‘long tail’ keywords that best describe your gig, and optimising your gigs accordingly.
  9. I believe that changes to levels, both positive and negative, happen on the same evaluation day each month, around about the 15th. So you should only have to wait another week or so (maintaining all criteria of course) before you’re promoted. Congrats!
  10. 100% agree with this, so long as we’re talking about ‘samples’ and not a showreel. We have a showreel, and we’ll share this freely with anyone. It’s of no value to anyone other than us. It’s generic, can’t be re-sold, and ultimately if a re-seller manages to convince someone to buy from them (even if they’re imitating us), they would still need to come and buy from us. We do offer custom sample reads to clients. But they have to pay for them, at our standard word-rate. That usually helps weed out the people you’re talking about in our experience. Also, as much as we try to get people to visit our profile to listen to our gigs, providers of Animation Vids/eLearning etc will always want a file they can forward on.
  11. Hi Christie, Welcome to Fiverr! Not unusual in the slightest. You’re dealing with another provider, who is offering e-Learning to clients. Their ‘package’ will include a VO, and they will almost always provide demos of 3 to 5 VO artists, so that the client can choose the one they like best. You’re essentially ‘auditioning’ without even realising it! So long as you only provide a demo (and not previous work) you’re absolutely fine. Good luck!
  12. First of all, welcome to the forum! I took a look at your gigs, and read the (badly written) review in question. I tuned out after the opening sentence that claimed that as you were a Fiverr Pro, they would “have to be more critical”. My advice to you would be to not let this bother you too much. I looked at your work and it’s fantastic. You’re a Pro, which means you’ve been hand-picked and verified by Fiverr, and I’m sure a combination of these things along with your professional attitude will mean you won’t struggle for business. Education around reviews wouldn’t help. People wouldn’t read it, or would decide to do their own thing regardless. Also, a 3.5 star review isn’t bad. I think you just fell foul of someone having a bad day and on a bit of a power trip. 😉 Be REALLY careful with this. Fiverr is being incredibly strict about this. Even hinting that the buyer could/should change their review can be construed as you trying to force their hand, and can result in you losing your account.
  13. Of course. That’s the same with any business. Nothing good happens overnight. If you want success here on Fiverr, you need to be prepared to ‘slog’ for a while. It’s why I’m always so disappointed when I see people complaining about being on the site a week and “having no orders”. People like that won’t last in the long-run.
  14. That question is too broad for anyone here to possibly answer. Every situation is unique. Are you asking with regard to a specific situation?
  15. It makes no sense that Fiverr CS would be ignoring your messages. I messaged Fiverr CS earlier this week and had a response within 24 hours. Please ensure you’re 100% doing it the correct way. Don’t email them. Go to this link; https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/ Scroll to the bottom of the page, choose ‘Contact Us’. Complete the form, and then wait up to 48 hours for a response. Ensure that you check your Spam folder in the email address you use. I’m sure they will reply to you. Beyond this, I don’t think there is anything more that anyone here on the forum can do for you. We’re all regular Fiverr users like yourself. Good luck.
  16. I would advise you to read them! Here you go; https://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service
  17. This is a user forum, so nobody here can help you. You’ll need to contact Customer Support, accessible via the Support links on the main homepage.
  18. You get reviews from work by selling it cheap --> The cheaper, the more work --> The more work @cheap = more reviews Cheap = Work = More Work @Cheap. I’m leaving my gigs on here for the sheer desolate reminder that one can become patently unmarketable in one place, while thriving in another. This said, I have BOUGHT services on Fiverr. There’s amazingly talented people here. To you I say, go to ******* or even *******. You’ll make more per hour AND see more offers/open jobs. Tim Mod Note: Post edited. Hi Tim, It’s a shame that your experience as a seller on Fiverr hasn’t been positive. Out of interest, what service are you offering? Our first couple of months on the platform looked similar to what you’re stating here, but that was only because we were absolutely brand new on a marketplace with stiff competition. With no reviews to fall back on, we knew we were a risk to purchase from. We worked for cheap to get reviews, then very quickly pushed our prices up as soon as we felt we could. These days, our experience is essentially the complete opposite of what you’re saying. We get way more reviews overall at our higher prices, and our higher prices generate an overall higher number of orders (which of course has helped dramatically grow our income). There are definitely people here on Fiverr who are willing to pay a premium for quality, and so long as you can prove that you’ve got that quality, there’s no reason why you can’t charge what you feel you’re worth.
  19. Beyond telling Customer Support that you’re unhappy, there’s nothing more you can do. You can’t review the Seller when a cancellation has been initiated (for good reason). Also, you’ve got your money back, and are now free to source an alternative supplier to get the work done. I don’t know what more you think Customer Support will be able to do for you? Who knows? Perhaps something came up in his or her life? A family emergency? Sudden illness? We’re all freelancers here, this isn’t Amazon. You’re dealing with real people, and sometimes things happen. Maybe the seller felt they were in over their head and didn’t want to send you shabby work. I’d actually argue that they did the right thing by cancelling, as opposed to sending you sub-quality work. I do understand your frustration about the time it’s taken, and yes your seller could and should have been more forthcoming with communication. But this is the risk you take dealing with freelancers. If your deadline was that tight, you could have declined the request for extra time, forcing the seller to make a cancellation decision 2 days earlier. I’m sorry that this has put your project in jeopardy, but I don’t know what more you’re looking for at this point?
  20. On top of what @catwriter has said, a quick check of the text in your Logo Gig description shows it’s been copied from someone else’s profile. Literally a straight copy/paste of someone else’s work. I think you need to honestly ask yourself if you’ve got what it takes to make a success here at Fiverr. It’s not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme… buyers are going to expect professionalism, and right now your profile has so many red flags, it’s really no wonder buyers are staying away.
  21. Why don’t you write some blog posts about the value of using SEO optimised blog posts for driving targeted traffic? You could then optimise those blog posts using SEO to ensure they get high search rankings, and drive any traffic you get to your Fiverr gigs.
  22. My understanding is that, in theory, if the order slips into ‘late’ territory, and the buyer then decides to decline your cancellation request, and then cancels on grounds of lateness, this could happen (although I’m sure I read somewhere that the buyer only had this option after 24 hours of ‘lateness’ had passed). Either way, it would have to be quite a calculated and malicious buyer to do that to you. More likely is that they don’t understand the system, or just haven’t checked their computer since placing the order. If I were you, I’d contact Customer Support and ask them to intervene. They will cancel on your behalf. I’d also then advise blocking the buyer so that they can’t come back to do this to you again. Best of luck.
  23. Sadly, not much more you can do besides what you’ve already done. Delivering anything other than the audio file will be seen by CS as abuse of the delivery button, and a late order could lead to a cancellation with a 1 star. As backwards as it sounds, your best case is probably CS cancelling the order, and you block the buyer. We always notice a slight dip in sales after a cancellation. Sorry, you’re between a rock and a hard place here, all of which is totally unfair on you.
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