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  1. Yes, You can change gig images anytime. There is no problem with changing images. But make sure, you use copyright-free images.
  2. Yes, I did. They removed the old Payoneer and told me to add a new payoneer. Thanks
  3. I almost tried all the way but bad luck. Once you’ve blocked, you cannot recover it.
  4. 2 month ago Payoneer asked for my Smart NID card scan copy. But I hadn’t Smart NID on that time so I didn’t give it. For that reason, they blocked my prepaid card. I contacted with them many times but no result. They said that “my account is in under review. Once the review is completed, you will get back your card.” After one month, they didn’t unblock my card back. So, I contacted with them again and gave the Smart NID card. After that they assured me that they would unblock my card within 48 hours. But I don’t know why! within 48 hours, they disabled my whole account!
  5. My Payoneer Account has been disabled. My two withdrawal method disabled. Only Paypal is open but it is not available in our country. What should I do now? Can I add another account?
  6. Hello, I am afraid that my gig’s impression is going down day by day. In this situation, what should I do? Please help me to provide your best suggestions. Thanks
  7. Eid Mubarak to all Middle East people and other Muslim people. Warm Regards
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