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  1. Thanks for your valuable suggestions for sellers
  2. I am branding specialist and logo designer with more than 2 years of experience. I do not copy/paste from google by copying common elements. It will confirm that the identity of your business will be remarkable by your logo. Please checked my gigs and instruct me how may improve.
  3. The new fiverr forum feature is looking attractive.
  4. Thanks for your advice. I confused how can exposed my buyer request order.
  5. Recently, I got an order from BR. I am really happy to do work from my first buyer request. I gained an extraordinary buyer who gives me a good reviews with tips after completed his job. BR request systems have to get opportunity in this forum to earn sellers.
  6. Nice to meet you. Congratulations!
  7. Really! Is it confirm? Thanks for your thinking. I have a best knowledge for your kind information.
  8. Hello expertise, Is there any one said to me how can sent BR request with buyer samples? When we get a buyer request and sending to buyer on the basis of gigs images. But when BR attached a sample then how may send his sample images ready for his best satisfaction. Thanking your’s alam7614
  9. The latest gig image size is 690px × 426px (pixels) which is fiverr recommended.
  10. Are you sure? But my gigs also served any type editing. Actually, I had a buyer who give me few job for retouching. She also give me attractive review. After few days she said me, may i worked for text editing few of her invoices, which are pdf format to jpeg. I am agree to do her documents editing but i have strongly-worded for not doing any unauthorised job. After few days she said to edit her ID card. But i did not agree with her offer if she did not manage authorities. Then she did not manage authorisation and refused her job. After that she did not available.
  11. Hello there, Seniors please give me a suggestions when my gigs status down before 6 months and then my gigs have 4.5 rating. How may i improve my rating. Attached a screenshots for this time. IMG_20210112_050931707×1493 162 KB
  12. I felt that unlimited revision is not get benefits a seller. It is help to buyers to get extra advantage.
  13. Great job! Go ahead to caught a new milestone. Best wishes…
  14. Congratulations! Hope to great start on fiverr. Best wishes to you for new year 2021.
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